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Saturday, 27 June 2020


Few months later, I was posted to Benue state for my NYSC. We still continued with our undefined relationship. Prince wanted me to serve in Abuja but I objected. Since he didn’t succeed in changing my mind, he processed my PPA and I was posted to the Governor’s office in Makurdi, state capital. I worked in the Governor’s office. Guys stay clear from me because of that, they believe I’m not in their league. I hate the way I’m been treated like miss world even by the governor. This made me have very few friends.
I was in the bathroom having my morning bath when his call came in. I came out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around me.
“Good morning are you still at home?”
“Yes, I’m preparing for work, I’ll be out in 30min.”
He complained again about my stay in Bauchi and asked when I’ll come to Abuja. He said he missed me though it's been long we saw each other, almost two months ago. I told him next week to make it two month exactly.
“Next week! Anike you want me to die of loneliness?”
“I have a function I’m attending with the Governor this weekend” I said drying my skin with the towel.
“You are a corper nau, he should go with the main staff.”
“You should have thought of that before putting me in a Governor’s office. Because here, they choose anyone main staff or not” I replied removing the towel from my body.
“I’ll call him to exempt you.”
“Exempt who? No o, I want to be there. I’ve been dreaming of that function for weeks now.”
“Your mind is made up, I give up.”
“Don’t worry, next week is around the corner” I teased.
What are you wearing” he asked seductively.
“You! Are! Shameless!” I said laughing.
“Just tell me.”
“Nothing, I just came out of the bathroom.”
“When did you start talking dirty on phone?”
“You caused it.”
“I’m hanging up now bye….I love you…muaah” I blow him a kiss.
I realized he really miss me, that was the first time of talking dirty on phone. So I decided to pay him a surprise visit that very day. I left office 4pm but I didn’t get to Abuja until 8pm, my flight was delayed.
I only told his PA who came to pick me up from the airport himself. He came with his personal car.
“How do you know he misses you, he even calls me Anike, in fact everybody in the house now bears Anike” PA said on our way home.
“Really! Anyways, I know” I smiled remembering the conversation we had in the morning.
“Anike, I need to ask you something” he said.
“Don’t worry go ahead, you have my blessings.”
“You know already.”
“I know you like my sister. You need to see the way she blushes when receiving your calls, she likes you.”
“Thank you!”
I just smiled.
We got to the house around 8:30pm. PA tapped and opened Prince bedroom door. He stood in front of the door and bowed to greet Prince while I hid behind him.
“Where have you been, for the past 40min, I asked all the staff and no one knew your whereabout” he lashed at him.
“I’m sorry sir….I…”
“Hi” I said stepping in front of PA.
“Anike!” He dropped the tab he was holding. He stood up smiling wholeheartedly as he welcomed me with an embrace.
“Thank you” he said turning to his PA who just smiled and left.
He gave me a long kissed and released me afterwards. I took my bath and changed. He ordered the chef to bring in my dinner, he didn’t allow me go to the dinning to eat. As if I’ll run away. It was late to eat heavy food so I just settled for barbeque and malt drink.
He was all over me, we had sex twice that night and chatted till 4am in the morning. I told him what PA told me earlier and he said he had informed him but he told him to inform me first.
“Don’t worry, your sister won’t have problems with him. I can vouch for him.”
“I know.”
“I’m also planning of getting him a political appointment with the Federal government.”
“That’s good, but you’ll miss him.”
“Yes I will, he’s like a son to me.”
“And he loves you like his own father too” I added.
“When are you going back?”
“Tomorrow morning.”
“Tomorrow is Thursday, wait till Friday, since your function is Saturday.”
“But you are going for the National security submit tomorrow.”
“It’s holding here in Abuja, I’ll be back once I give my speech. Three hours top and I’ll be back” he said pecking me.
“OK but if you spend more than three hours, the next time you’ll hear my voice, I’ll be in Bauchi.”
He kissed my lips. “I’ll be back early, I promise. If you miss me within that space of three hours, just tune in to NTA and you’ll see me live.”
“Trust me, I’ll watch.”
After all the chit chat, We both slept cuddling.
... to be Continued.
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