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Thursday, 25 June 2020


(Months later)
I went to Abuja after my final exams. We were both relaxing in his room on the couch after having dinner. The TV was on a music station and nice songs are been played from back to back.
He was sitting while I was lying down with my head on his laps. “What‟s your CGPA?” he asked
I turned from the tv to face him. “3.84” I replied
“That‟s a strong 2:1, you really tried despite the fact that I stole some of your time and concentration”
“Sincerely, you didn‟t distract me from my academics. I don‟t miss lectures. I make sure I read on weekdays. I only come on weekends. You don‟t allow me come to Abuja during exam period. I even read here on weekend, if I have a test to write, so you are never a distraction” I stated.
“I use to think your academics will suffer, but I‟m glad you did well” “Thanks”
“Are you ok with 2:1 or you want your result doctored”
“No thanks, I‟m good with 2:1, what‟s the point of having a first class you can‟t defend” “I know you won‟t agree, I just wanted to confirm my answer. But you know some students will jump at the offer”
“That‟s true”
What‟s your plan after NYSC?”
“Good and after your masters?”
“Hopefully I get someone who will marry me with all my baggages and flaws” “Anike” he called out slowly. “I think it‟s time” he said. “Time for what?”
“Time for us to break up, so you could move on with your life”
I sat up immediately. I looked at him, his eyes was closed, then tears started running freely on his face.
He stood up and I walked into his arms. I couldn‟t stand seeing him like that. We were both crying in each other‟s arms.
“God sees my heart Anike, I love you with everything in me, but it‟s time to let go” he said crying.
I couldn‟t look at his face anymore, I had to bury my face in his chest. “I want to stay too but I need to move on with my life, except I don‟t want to get married” I explained
Of all the time in the world the TV station choose to play westlife‟s „season in the sun' At a time when the emotions in the room was on top notch.
That added petrol to the fire and I broke down completely in tears. “It‟s ok Anike, stop crying” he said helping me up.
Before we knew it, we were in each others arms again, kissing passionately. He took of his clothes and mine.
“Let‟s do this for the last time” he said.
He carried and lay me on the bed where we had our break up sex.
“I guess this is good bye”he said after the sex.
I looked at him and tears filled my eyes.
“Anike, Don‟t!” he said cleaning my face. “We are not mourning and if we are seperating, lets end it with happy moment.
“On a lighter mood, your husband will enjoy you” he said, smiling this time. “How, my mood lightened a bit”
“You are asking me how? You are everything a man wants in a woman aside that stubborn part for you” he said touching my nose white his finger. “Really!”
“There‟s another thing he‟ll enjoy”
“And what would that be” I asked smiling back.
Then he whispered into my ear. You are still very tight”
“Stop! You are unbelievable, naughty man” I laughed and hit his chest. Anike I‟ll miss you, I pray I‟ll survive it” he said with a teary eyes. “I pray I‟ll survive it too”
“Will you get another person when I leave?” I asked.
“No, I‟ll just stay on noturing days we spent together. I don‟t need any girl, no other person can be like you”
“I don‟t want you to be lonely”
“I‟ll be fine. I‟ll send you some money next month you can use it to start your new life. You can invest or do business”
I didn‟t say a word after he said that.
As for me, I don‟t think its necessary, he doesn‟t need to pay me off cos I have more than enough already.
The next day, I left Abuja early in the morning.


That week was hell for me, I couldn‟t sleep nor eat. I was indoor throughout and cried till I couldn‟t cry anymore. I had to remind myself constantly that he is not dead. We are not just together any more.
Two weeks later, I received a call from the PA, he said Prince was admitted in the hospital.
“Is he sick?”
“Yes he‟s love sick, I heard you guys break up, so what do you expect” “Oh my God!”
“I think you should come over maybe he‟ll get better if he see‟s you” “I‟ll be in Abuja before night fall” I promised him.
I wasn‟t in the mood for a sophisticated look. I just wore a Summer print half sleeve chiffon shirt top on a white pant. No make up, no jewelry. I wore a white cut out Gucci sandals and left for the airport.
I got to Abuja airport and one of the drivers was already waiting for me. He just handed over the keys to me. He said the PA said I should come alone. I sensed they don‟t want anyone to know that Prince was hospitalized.
I was directed to his private ward. I met PA and the doctor in the room with him. I greeted them and ran into my Prince‟s arms on the bed.
“Are you Anike?” The unknown doctor asked, I guess the family doctor was not around. “Yes Doctor”
“Good, Admiral! I‟ll have to discharge you now. Medically you are OK. Since Anike is here she‟ll fix you”
“No doctor, I can‟t fix him. Look at him, he‟s pale, pls don‟t discharge him, he still needs medical attention” I pleaded
“You are looking pale too, so go and fix each other at home”
I gave PA questioning look.
“I can‟t lie to his doctor, I told him what brought him here, you” “Thank you doctor, we‟ll take him home” PA said.
Prince sent his PA to his office to help him with some things. After two hours of waiting for him.
I decided to drive him home myself in his Toyota land cruiser I came with since he doesn‟t want the other staff to know that he was admitted in the hospital because of a woman.
We got home and I called the PA not to bother going back to the hospital. We entered the room quietly, I made him relax on the bed. While I went to the kitchen and made a fish pepper soup for him. I took it to the room and made him eat with Agidi. I was there in the room with him, he lay on the bed quietly, we did not talk to each other. The PA came in later, they discussed some things and he left.
In the evening, I made dinner for him myself and took it to his room. He ate it to my satisfactory.
We had our bath separately and we slept in each others arms.
Three days later, Prince was now back to himself. He‟s much stronger now. We went for a swim. After swimming we sat at the pool side.
“Anike when did you intend to get married” He asked
“I want to take my time. I need to marry a right man. Marriage is a life contract” I replied. He‟s countenance fell when I replied him.
“What‟s with the face Prince, you asked me a question and I answered” “Anike is there something you want that I can‟t give you”
“See I don‟t want to start this conversation with you”
“You keep on avoiding this issue, how long will you run away from it?” “I just don‟t want to talk about it now”
“Anike, I love you so much more than you do, why can‟t you marry me” “Prince, we don‟t have a marriage agreement o, don‟t bring up marriage” “Why? Because of my age? Age is just a number. Can‟t you see, we can‟t live without each other”
“Aside age what will I tell my mother, she has always suspected us and I always denied blindly”
“Are you saying this is only about your mum, we can still find a way around it” “It‟s not only about my mum. What will people say even your children. No one we believe it‟s love. Society sees ladies like me as gold diggers” “Do I look like I care”. Since when did you start caring about what people says. Anike stay with me and let‟s be happy for the rest of our lives. We even made love last night and we are still deceiving ourselves that we‟ve broken up”
“It was just sex Prince”
“Keep on lying to yourself. What I saw in your eyes last night speaks volume. Anike you love me as much as I love you, don‟t deprive your self of this happiness because of age differences”
“Prince, stop! Please stop I closed my ears”
“Anike, even if I die some years later and you remarried, you will still be fulfilled cos you‟ve had a fair share of love”
“Since you refuse to stop talking, then you‟ll have to excuse me, I need to rest” I stood up to leave”
“Fine, go and rest. I know you‟ll come up with something just to avoid this conversation. I wish you could face reality”
I didn‟t reply him, I don‟t intend putting him on the hospital bed again. I just walked away.
After spending one week in Abuja, I left Abuja for school after settling the issue. We are now in a relationship that is not defined.


My convocation was awesome. My Mum came with my brother Okiki, her new friends and few family members who still stick around. I was happy to see Adekemi, it‟s been a while I saw her ever since she got into the academy. We only talked on phone. They all arrived a day to my convocation. I‟m very sure those who came with my mum were awed by the life I leaved in school. Enough things to gist about when they get to Lagos.Who cares anyway. Mummy came with caterers and they started preparing for the next day.
Prince sent #800,000 for my convocation expenses. It covered for the food, drinks, sourveniers and I also has been to shop for wears I‟ll use on my convocation day. Admiral Alawode was among dignities invited to grace the occasion. So directly or indirectly he attended my convocation.
I wore a black Marc Jacobs jump suit with gold accessories with my matching Givenchy Antigona shoe hand bag.
Prince gave a brief speech during the ceremony and girls that were sitted besides me were practically tripping for him
“This man is just so handsome even at his age” one of them said blushing. I wish I could get his contact” the other said whispering.
“I can help you with that” I replied….….in my mind though.
I just smiled, that‟s Prince for you, girls trips for him any day anytime. At the end of the speech, he gave the best overall student A million naira and a car and
his complementary card
He also gave him a scholarship to further his educaton abroad after his youth service. David was so happy, I‟m happy for him too because he‟s from a poor home. He is among the students I helped in school. He never asked me but I offered to help, nobody knew about it, even Prince. I know he‟s brilliant, but I never knew he‟ll turn up to be the overall best student in our set.
So he needed such opportunity he got from Prince. Who says hard work doesn‟t pay. After the ceremony, he called me over.He was still sitting with some of the other guests at the high table. I stopped Adekemi who wants to follow me so she should say hi to him. I told her to go to Abuja if she wants to see him.
I don‟t want Mummy to start looking for both of us. I told her to help me arrange things at the tenth and tell Mummy I‟ll join them soon.
“Excuse me” one of the bodyguards said, obstructing me.
“She‟s with me, allow her” Prince informed him.
I bowed my head to pay obesience to do the elites sitting beside him. “I‟ve met her before, right” the commissioner for education asked Prince. “Yes, you have”
I met him once in Prince‟s office in Abuja. The man has a good memory. “You finished from this school, nice.
Congratulations” he gave me a handshake.
“Thank you sir”
“What course?
“Microbiology sir”
“2:1 sir”
“That‟s good” he said nodding.
Prince informed me he‟ll be around till tomorrow.
“Should I bring some food for everyone”
“Don‟t worry we are all eating together at the hotel”
“OK, see you later then. I‟ll come to the hotel in the evening” I followed him to where the cars conveying them were parked before leaving. I joined my mum and others at our tent. We entertained our guests. Some new guests also arrived from Lagos in the morning which include mummy‟s church members and neighbors. We shared foods and drinks to all the students who joined us at the tenth, we also gave them sourveniers. I gave the students manual blender and lamps. I intentionally bought things that they could make use of in school. My tent was filled to the brim. Students were trooping in and out to collect sourveniers.
I gave my mum‟s guests electric blender.
My mums guests returned to Lagos after the ceremony. I already made arrangements for coastal bus that conveyed those who did not come in their private car back to Lagos. I drove my mum and siblings back to my apartment. My mum prayed and thanked for my life, for seeing me through thanked for the success of the convocation. She prayed for me for a good job and good husband. She also mentioned my Daddy in her prayers. May his soul rest in peace. In know she wished he was here.
I took my bath and relax. By 7:00pm I dressed up. I went into the kitchen, pick a bottle of wine. I took my car keys.
“I‟m going out, someone should please come and lock the door, thank you…” I called out
My mum came out to lock the door.
“Thank you ma, I‟ll be back soon”
“My regards to him” My mum said as she was about to close the door. I was shocked to the bone. I entered back into the house. I place the wine, my purse and my car key on the table.
“Mum, your regards to who?” I asked inquisitively.
“You know who I‟m talking about, don‟t feign ignorance” she said and made for the room and I followed her.
# Anticipate Episode 30

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