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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

ÀMÒKÈ | Lambaba the Poet

Let me tell you a secret of a girl 
Whoes smile has crushed my heart 
Who has cursed me with bliss
And blind my darkness with her light.

When I found her—
A hue unseen before an unstoppable force hit me like a wave
Rays unto the window of my Plano-concave soul
An overture to a cascade of emotions.

When I found her 
I knew that we were meant to be
Our fate was set to be….
Friends and lovers.

In that first conversation 
Her heart was pure and kind
Her smile was syrupy and innocent
Her wit was well cultured.

When I found her
I know I have found the lost me
My sprit settled like dust
Joy reached the sole of my soul.

Àmókè is the purest soul angels have known
The prettiest face the sun has seen
The most subtle voice the wind has heard
Her grace radiates like a torch.

A lot of birds sing in the night sky
With different booming voice
But she’s the only one who has pull the strings of my heart
She’s beautiful like a flower.

A lot of fish swim in the ocean
But none have the idea of what I feel for her
A fine hand on soft skin could not compare
To the way my heart beats inside.

She water my hope with her love and care
In her eyes I see where my future lies
In her palm I will place my word
Loving her every minute of my life.

As I spill these simply rhymes
My mind goes over time and time
I hope this doesn’t seem too creepy
Just know what I write is true 

I have fallen deeply for her……

© Abdulshakur Abiodun Ambali.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading ❤

      I hope to see you around on my blog again.

  2. Amoke!!! When will thy blissful smile douse my thirst too... nice one bard

    1. Find yours go front. This one is taken 😋😋😋.

      Thanks for reading ❤😊

  3. Wow job..... OmoHazzan commends you

  4. Astonishingly wonderful! Keep on the good work.

  5. Wow! Amoke is a special creation....I'm in Love ������

  6. Wow... Nice, I never knew you are this good

  7. Wow... Nice, I never knew you are this good


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