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Tuesday, 28 April 2020


I woke up today
Wondering why the sun shines so bright
Looking up to see the pregnant cloud
Ready to dispense its fluid
To make earth's surface watery
Oh! It's Anike's birthday today🤭.

On this day, nineteen years ago
Blink of an eyes
Anike welcome!
Amazing day ever
People laughed she cried!

The cry of yesterday
Turn happiness of today!
She crawl, walk and jump
She cried, laughed and smiled.

Wo! Anike
You're still a 9 ~ice TEEN
I'm not a babymother to breastfeed you with milk
Neither do I have the remedy to cure your naivity
So don't fight what you can't kill.😂

I should have invited "Baba Barry" from heaven
To come with his band
Tell "Aremu" the palmwine tapper
To bring keregbe of palmwine for us.

Tell "Olu Ode" to name his price
We want bush meat to make the floor flow
Follow our feet to "Abe igi anu"
Were we can have a dance and reveal my mind🤤.
But this colona called virus don spoil my plan🤦🏽‍♂️

Wo! Anike
You can't run any far
From the laws of desires
No, not anywhere far....
You signature is all over
The crime scene of somebody heart.

©Abdulshakur abiodun Ambali (Lambaba 👴🏽)

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