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Monday, 30 March 2020

Letter to Ex | Olajesu

Knew already that we'd be through soon;
Though I didn't expect it to be too soon.
We've made it roughly through the dusk
And now, fate has surely dawn on us.

Realizing later that we're never meant to be--
But sincerely, I hate that fact that we have to go our separate ways.
I've been attached to you my whole life
Been apart feels like a day child forced to stand alone
By herself.
I seriously miss you, Ex.

Ex, you've sure laid me some examples
You taught me to be the C.Executive of my life,
Never to wait for anyone's opinion.
You said my choice of decision matters the most!

How could I forget you, Ex?
You're worth more than memories
That's why you're getting some space within my heart.
No matter what, no matter how,
You'll always dwell within.

I really miss you Ex!
And I'm thankful for you coming my way.
No regrets, no pains
You're just the perfect definition of a good heart.
Your now partner most be the luckiest of all...
I congratulate her for having the coolest man
Stay safe, we'll meet again Ex.

© Ola.J

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