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Monday, 22 July 2019


I stare back into my past and wished for a broken heart,
How then does one who with no heart be broken
I stare down into blue eyes
To see tears screaming in my head
Turning blue to red
Oh!!! I hear cry of this dead heart

I grip the frame, hold my gaze
Time heals they say, but guess the pain remains
For the dead heart to wail, the trauma always stays
Oh!!! My only heart is in jail
If you're the killer, I will happily be murdered was my say
But you turn out to be an eternal table shaker.

Efe!!! You imprisoned the heart which you later killed
Used to be broken. When thy arrow pierced it,
In for it destroys it
Now I’m heartless, for my heart is locked up in a strange land cell
Had I know I will still need the heart, I would have you half
Gave you all of me and you made it all for you, you're self-centered.
The heart is not broken but dead

I became resolute
Turns to purchase another but so costly, can't afford it
Only after which I promised to live with no heart through out

But here comes Efe
The rebirth of the dead heart
Still blabbing as it kicks,
Have gotten a young love
In place of arrow, Hope this will not use gun
She’s filling the vacuum on the run

While I was down ranting for heart
She gave me a seed of heart
Planted and watered by herself, Efe my new young love.

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