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Friday, 19 April 2019


What is the definition of love?
Love is a great liking or affection,
But love is something stronger,
Love doesn’t give up,
Love doesn’t have a swelled head or force itself on others.
Love isn’t jealous, but always forgiving,
Without love we are nothing.

Mother love is a bond that connects us together,
Even before birth.
It became stronger after birth,
It is stronger than any other feelings of hate or fury.
Mother love takes on everything,
Even if it can't carry it all.
Mother may seem just like an ordinary people,
But she is more than a female parent,
She’s her children best friend,
She’s someone who loves you unconditionally,
And more than her life itself.
They are angels in disguise sent from God,
To watch and help us through our troublesome times.

Every child needs a role model to look up to,
And a mother is just that.
When she stands up for what she believes in,
It gives us the strength and confidence,
To be independent individual.

Yet we grows and becomes an adult,
Make decisions she might not agree with,
But she will still love us,
And be there when needed.
Often times when we get upset,
We says and does hurtful things,
Yet she forgives and forgets.

Mother will always be responsible for her actions
And admit mistakes when she makes them.
No matter what,
Our mothers will always have unconditional love for us.
They show their love in a million different ways every day.

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