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Friday, 19 April 2019


Hey! Sister,
Life has given you this new chance,
You have to be strong,
Stronger than strong itself.

I know it comes as a surprise,
When he announced to you,
He wants to espouse a new consort,
….a surprise that creates scars in your heart.

Hey! Sister,
Life has given you a new courage,
This is the time to be more prayerful and closer to Allah.
And more responsible than before,
This is the only way to be healed.

Sometimes I know it may be hard,
But always remember,
You're still his first love not his backup,
You're his wife and the mother of his children.

Accept her as your acquaintance and fellow,
Work together to enlarge your beautiful family,
The boat of your relationship will sail very easily,
And happiness will come in a break-less queue.

Hey! Sister,
My good wishes will always be with you,
Success will be at your door throughout the ages,

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