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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

The Tenant Episode 15

Vanessa couldn’t take it anymore as she rushed out of her bedroom and front door. She walked towards the direction the woman were heading to so that she would be right behind them. She approached them silently and caught the extrovert by the hem of her dress, she turned her so she would face her and gave a resounding slap. The woman was dazed as she held her cheek.
‘How dare you call me crazy?’ Van asked weeping and shouting.
‘What do you know about me?’ ‘What!!’ ‘Do you know who I am? Do you know what I have gone through?’ Then you have the guts to call me a psycho!
Van continued ranting on and on about what she had gone through. The two burst into tears begging her. The noise attracted Mrs Aisha who came to calm Van down and took her into her apartment.
She explained what happened to Mrs Aisha who begged her and told her not to mind people who cannot even withstand pain from a needle.
Francis called Van and Van explained what transpired between her and other tenants. Francis felt sorry for her and told her he would see her soon.
Sharon’s POV
When my mum arrived from the US. Scars reopened and we cried together for a very long time after which mum out a call across to her younger sister so they could sit down and talk.
Francis drove us to my Aunt’s place and I must confess I was so troubled on how I would relate with everyone. Its shameful!
I led them through the compound of their rented apartment as I was familiar with the house before now. We entered the living room, with mummy leading the way. The sight that welcomed also was pretty bad. Husband and wife in hot argument. My aunty looked pale and thin as though she hadn’t being eating for weeks then grey hair filled her husband’s once youthful face. Mum ignored the riff as she strode to where my aunt’s husband was and landed him an awesome slap.
‘How dare you do that to my daughter.
I left in your custody so you would take care of her like your own child but what did you do? You took advantage of a seventeen year old child, got her pregnant and had an abortion to for her. I hope your wife has informed you of the damage the quack did to her.
Mr Adebiyi only prostrated not knowing what to say. I am sorry Sharon, my wife caused this, she was never around. What have I done oh God? I was scared when you got pregnant. I can’t justify my actions. Please forgive me.
By the time he finished talking , my aunt was already crying also on her knees.
A part of me wanted to take revenge but I said, ‘I forgive you!’
My mum cried the more.
Was that a wrong decision by Sharon?

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