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Friday, 22 February 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode16 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

Nnena was in a deep slumber, a strange hand was caressing her body but she couldn’t notice anything. Alas! She has been drugged. The young guy (the stranger) took pictures demonstrating they were having s-x. After the pictures the stranger dress-up and head to the sitting room.
“Done!” he signal to Mrs. Chioma who was sitting inside a pouch.
“Thank you very much, here is your payment.” Mrs. Chioma said smiling as she handed an envelope containing money to the young guy.
“Thank you ma, am out.” The young guy said as he walked out from the building.
“Mum, that guy must be professional, look at the pictures I took.” Chiamaka said as he handed the camera to Mrs. Chioma.
After cross-checking the pictures Mrs. Chioma grinned with a happy expression showing on her face.
“Nnena, this is the evidence, you will face the wrath yourself, and you can’t be forfeit from this.” Mrs. Chioma retorted laughing.
Things was going rough as usual in the family of Chief Nnamdi, Nnena has been suspicious that Mrs. Chioma doesn’t do anything even after she knew that the pregnancy wasn’t abort. She has been nice to Nnena, she neither beat nor punish Nnena anymore.
“I have some bad feelings toward Mrs. Chioma, why of all a sudden she just changes to be nice to me especially when she knew I am pregnant, I think she has something irritating to do, she didn’t even question me about the father of my unborn baby, God! I pray I am able to survive her wrath.” Nnena thoughts as she return to her sweeping.
The Chief was back from his trip, he was warmly welcomed by his family, and Nnena swiftly head for the boot to import the loads the chief took along his trip. He was very happy to see his family again. He left the compound and opts for the sitting room.
Nnena was very frightened to see Chief Nnamdi, but she has concluded her mind that she has to face the wrath herself.
Nnena offer a glass of water to Chief Nnamdi, Chief Nnamdi collected the water from her and drank earnestly.
“What happen to your stomach?” Chief Nnamdi asked jokingly as the whole house was rents with laughter but he was serious and suspicious.
Nnena was very ashamed but she was determined to let the bird out from its cage.
“I was raped by…” Nnena was unable to finish her statement as Mrs. Chioma barged into her words.
“Chief, I don’t know I employed a harlot to work here as a housemaid, can you believe what Chiamaka caught Nnena’s doing with a strange man when we went shopping, Nnena brought a stranger into this house, they were having s-x, then Chiamaka caught them red-handed in the dirty act.” Mrs. Chioma paused.
Mrs. Chioma continues “I just keep mute all this while because I know if I let her know she will plan something evil against me, so I keep this from her.” Mrs. Chioma narrates as she handed over Chiamaka’s phone to the chief.
“What is this?” Chief Nnamdi screamed.
What do you think will happen next?
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