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Friday, 22 February 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode13A |by Olamilekan Afolabi

“Wait, please don’t go, I will double your salary if you can help me to bury this.” Mrs. Chioma said beseeching.
“I will bury this matter only on two conditions.” The gateman stated.
“What condition?” Mrs. Chioma, Chinnedu and Chiamaka asked in chorus.
“You will retain me as the permanent gateman in this house and you will stop been harsh on Nnena. If you can do this I will bury this matter.” The gateman bespeak.
“Okay I will do as you just say.” Mrs. Chioma replied affirmatively.
The gateman leave for his cubicle after showing the short video he recorded early to Mrs. Chioma, Mrs. Chioma was shocked, she was disappointed at Chinendu actions.
Things was going rough as usual in the house, many attempts have been made by Mrs. Chioma and her crews (Chiamaka and Chinendu) to delete or bury the evidence showing Chinendu raping Nnena, but all was to no avail, some assassins has been sent by Mrs. Chioma to the gateman but unfortunately, the assassins always meet their doom, is either the gateman got them arrested or injured them brutally. The gateman was an average height young man in his early 25s, he was once a night guard at the cemetery (grave yard) and also a vigilante so he has some supernatural power. I learn that the father of the gateman was a great herbalist in their village, maybe his father imposed those supernatural power in him who knows and who care?
Chief Nnamdi with the rest of his family, they were all gisting and chatting. Nnena was order to serve the whole family with a glass of wine each. Nnena rush and come back from a tray which include a bottle of red wine with five glass cup. Nnena was serving the family just then she rushed to the toilet to vomit; Mrs. Chioma and Chief Nnamdi went after Nnena, they were so suspicious because Nnena is now prone to be tired if she work a little and always dizzy like never before, she do split saliva everywhere in the house which is rare four weeks ago and this invites her to be more suspicious.
“What is the problem my dear? Are you sick?” Chief Nnamdi questioned suspiciously but caringly.
“Am sorry sir, I think it was malaria, I am always dizzy these days.” Nnena responded respectfully.
“Okay let me call the doctor, so that he can come and check you.” Chief Nnamdi said as he opts for his bedroom to pick his phone.
“Hope it is not what I am thinking?” Mrs. Chioma asked rhetorically.
“My dear, I have called the doctor, he is on his way, but I also receive a call from the branch manager at Abuja, he told me I got a lot of meetings to attend and some discussion the company has to hold, so therefore I will be traveling to Abuja, I will be back in two months time.” Chief Nnamdi retorted.
“When are you going?” Mrs. Chioma asked eagerly.
“Now na.” Chief Nnamdi said as he hurried upstair.
“That strange changes in that girl seems suspicious, Chioma, your behaviors are also rare and scanty this days, I don’t know the reason why you just hate that girl for goodness sake, I could observe from your behaviors and the bad and ugly expressions which always shows on your face whenever you sight that girl, well that is your own cup of tea, Chioma! Chioma!! Chioma!! I have called you three times; I am using this medium to beg you at the same time warned you that nothing must happen to that girl. I won’t like the situation whereas you will be begging me and I would even bother to listen, Chioma! Don’t toy with me and also run away from my wrath, you know what I can do, if anything happened to that girl even if the result from the test resulted to be positive, don’t took the law into your hand, am the head of this family, so I represents the Chief Judge of this family, when am back I will look into the matter myself. I know something must be fishy somewhere in this house. Phone me when the result for the test is out let me know the result.” Chief Nnamdi said with an astonished looks as he enter his car to zoom out from the building.
Mrs. Chioma was dumbfounded, she opened her mouth wide, and she was totally speechless and shocked. “Why this sudden likeness for that girl?” Mrs. Chioma thought as she reluctantly opts for the building.

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