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Friday, 22 February 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode11 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

“Who did this to you?” Chief Nnamdi screamed with anger and choler, his eyes were fury and rage with anger.
Mrs. Chioma look into my eyes, I could see the expression from her face that I must not told the chief that she does. Chiamaka on the other hand look away, she fear I may say that they are responsible for my blemished looks. I thought for a while, I knew if I say that Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka does, I may not live to see the next day beside Chief Nnamdi was a very busy businessman, he do travel often, work is his first priority then other things follows, Chief Nnamdi is a no-nonsense man, he hate every forms of wicked acts.
“It was a wound from hot water that mistakenly pours on my body sir.” I replied with a shaky voice.
Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka was a bit relieved, every member of Chief Nnamdi family hate to face the wrath of Chief Nnamdi.
“Oh! Sorry dear, hope you have been treated by the doctor?” Chief Nnamdi asked pitifully.
“Yes sir, Madam (Mrs. Chioma) has called the family doctor to treat me and he has came to treat me some days ago.” Nnena riposted shivering.
“Ok sorry my dear.” Chief Nnamdi pitied her condition as he draws her near him, he cuddle her like a new born baby, Nnena wept silently, Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka was so irritated, peeved, miffed, annoyed, stung and pissed off by the shocking reaction of the Chief to Nnena case. “My father never cuddles me like this?” Chiamaka said in a very low voice, her hatred for Nnena grow like stubborn grass, she hate ever seeing Nnena. Chinnedu was confused, he could see that his mother eyes were fury with anger; he was just keep mute; he was not expose to anything that is happening in the house. Obinna was happy for Nnena “at least she was liked by his father.” Obinna though.
“Ah! Thank God the Chief likes me. “What a relieved!” she exclaimed, my grieves will suppress a little.” Nnena thoughts, joy mingle with sadness when she recalls her beloved parent. “Focus on today, use today well, don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is not guarantee.” She recalls her grandmother favorite quote.
Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka inside Chiamaka’s room, they were sitting at the edge of the bed, they were so grieved about what happen in the sitting room early that day.
“Mummy, can you see what happen this afternoon?” Chiamaka begin the conversation with a question.
“Am also surprised, I have never seen your father so caring like that before.” Mrs. Chioma replied shockingly.
“Mummy, I suggest we should just kill her or what else is she doing in this house, she has spent almost four good years in this house.” Chiamaka concludes.
“Don’t worry my dear; I have a better plan in substitute for killing her.” Mrs. Chioma responded with a wicked smile from her face.
“Who is that girl?” Chinendu asked as he banged into Obinna’s room.
“She is our maid.” Obinna replied as he focuses back on his book.
“She is not likeable, she is irritating and she must be so careless to pour hot water on herself.” Chinendu said as he head for Obinna’s bed in substitute for chair.
“She is very likeable, she is loyal and humble and she is not careless someone does that to her intentionally.” Obinna retort.
“You are not serious.” Chinendu uttered as he banged out from Obinna’s bedroom.
“Nnena! Nnena!! Nnena!!! Your next challenges may be severe more than the previous ones, be ready and win it all, am always with you in spirit. Nnena remember my warning if you got pregnant do not try to abort it, if you does I can’t say this will be the outcome. Nnena! Be warned.
“Mother!” Nnena screamed in a very alarming tone from her dream.
“So it is all a dream?” Nnena said in a very low tone.
What do you think will happen next?
Your opinions are highly welcomed
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