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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode9 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Mary drove back home in a black Camry. She wore a trouser and a top that matched her footwears. After she packed the car, entered into their house with the drawing, she did not only see her father on a phone call but also in a hurry to leave the house. Therefore both met at the door of the sittingroom.
“Welcome Dad” Mary greeted but the father didn’t reply coz he was on call which he hung up immediately.
“Where have you been, Mary?”
“At Cynthia’s”
“Alright, stay home, I’ll be back” sir Joseph tried to close the door but Mary interrupted him saying, “Dad, i wonna show you something”
“What?” the father returned.
Mary opened the sheet containing my image before him then stared into his eyes without saying anything. As a smart girl, she wanted to know what her father would say first, so the father amazingly took the sheet from her.
“Where did you get this?”
“Do you know him?”
“I should be asking you whether you know him”
“I don’t know him”
“What?” sir Joseph stared at his daughter as if she was insane. “You don’t know him then how come you got this drawing?”
“I’m the one that drew it, Dad. I keep seeing that man in my dreams without knowing who he is. So the question is; Do you know him?”
From all indication the father new that the image was me, the prisoner he wanted to kill, but after hearing his daughter’s story, he pretended as if he didn’t know anything about the image.
“No, i don’t know him” he folded the sheet and wanted to go out with it but Mary called him back.
“Dad, let me have it back”
“No, i have to keep it”
“To find who he is” the father concluded and hurried out with the drawing. Mary watched through a window how he flung it into his car and drove off instantly.
Sir Joseph drove as fast as possible on the road. He wasn’t going to Eleke prison but to the residence of Lucas, the man who gave him the contract of killing me. It was several kilometres from his house. As he drove, he glanced at the drawing wondering what was going on. He robbed a hand on his head in confusion because he didn’t know what to do. After an hour’s journey, he arrived at Lucas house. The house was quite voluminous having a swimming pool beside it. It was surrounded by an electrified fence. Before sir Joseph met him in the sitting room, guides informed Lucas about his arrival first-that makes him a politician. He sat in a white caftan watching sir Joseph walked in.
“Get a seat”
“Thank you” sir Joseph sat opposit him with his cap removed. He had left the drawing in his car.
“You amaze me, Joe” Lucas began. “How can it take you almost a year to kill that boy, Bright, inside prison?”
“I’m sorry, sir but it’s not as easy as you think. I don’t have the power to take a prisoner’s life all by myself otherwise i will also be arrested and probably put to jail too. So i tried to go through fellow prisoners to kill him but it seems I’m making him stronger everyday. Just last night, he killed three men i sent to kill him”
“What are you insinuating?” Lucas
Sir Joseph exhaled heavily. From the look on his face one can deduce that he was tired and wanted to quit. Therefore, he said, “I’m afraid sir, i don’t wonna do this anymore”
“Meaning what?” Lucas opened his eyes widely.
“I quit. I’m sorry” sir Joseph stood up and began to walk away while Lucas stared at him quietly. Immediately he left, Lucas reached his cell phone.
“Hello, Bethel, come to my house with Annable. You guys have a job to do” he said on the phone and cut the call.
Sir Joseph drove straight to Eleke prison with the drawing. How would he had known that Lucas had started planning to kill him too coz he had an idea of a secret?
Though, as a trained chief warden, from that moment, he became conscious of his life.
I, Bright Daniel, was still in the private room where they kept me without food or water. There was a large centre table where i placed my hands waiting for the next thing that would happen coz i just murdered three prisoners. Suddenly, the door of the room opened and sir Joseph entered with the drawing. He sat opposit me. The windows of the room were transparent so other warders with guns monitored us from there.
“You killed three men. Why?” sir Joseph asked.
“Because they tried to kill me, and that’s called self-defence” i replied.
“I see..” sir Joseph stood up. “For that reason u gonna be killed too”
“And whose law is that?”
“My law!” sir Joseph shrieked.
“Then do it. Kill me!” i said boldly and continued. “You better kill me coz if i live, I’m gonna kill you. Not only you but also the person u are working with. Do u think i don’t know what’s going on. I do, so the only way i don’t put a bullet in your heads is by killing me”
My words amazed sir Joseph and also rendered him speechless. He stared at me vividly then tried to walk out but the drawing fell from him and i saw my image..

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