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Friday, 11 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode4 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Mary never bothered to persuad her father after hearing him respond negatively to her request but she became sad. Sir Joseph, on the other hand, didn’t care to know how disappointed she was as he concentrated on the CNN news broadcasting on the television. Just then, Mary angrily began to walk into her room but the father called her back saying, “Eleke prison is for males not females. So i can’t allow you go there for any reason”
“Dad, I’m not going there as a prisoner but as someone who wants to see the prison environment” Mary defended.
“Then visit one of the female prisons”
“What’s wrong with the males, the one you are incharge of?”
“Mary, stop bugging me!” the father shrieked while she entered her room and banged the door forcefully.
I never slept for an hour throughout the night. Though i wasn’t from a rich family but i hardly experienced mosquito bite or hunger. These are the two things that couldn’t let me sleep at night added to the wound i carried on my lips.
I woke up that morning to see my cell-mates doing ‘press up’ then i wondered where they got the strength from coz we all knew that nobody ate dinner the previous night. I wanted to be friendly, so i climbed down from my bed and greeted, “Good morning”
Both of them stood up looking at me. Only the young boy was smiling. He stretched his hand at me saying, “Welcome to another brand new day, Bright”
“Thank you” i grabbed his hand happily.
“My name is Leo. Leo Williams”
“Nice name”
We looked at the other man who sat on his bed quietly. He brought out a weed, wrapped it, lit it and began to smoke. As i looked at him, i wondered where he got the weed from. Before i came out from that thought, i heard the lit of another weed behind me then i turned to see Leo also smoking.
“Do you care for..”
“No, i don’t smoke” I interrupted Leo.
He smiled. “How long are you gonna stay here?” he asked.
“Through out my life time”
“What?!” Leo exclaimed amazingly while the old man stared at me incredibly. I expected him to say a word or at least say his name but he never mentioned
“What’s your crime, dude?” Leo asked but i couldn’t answer. Just then, sir Joseph arrived with two wardens who had guns. He was standing in between them wearing a military uniform with a cap to match it. He had a dark complexion and looking very serious. Just as three of us stared at them, our cell gate gradually opened.
“Who is Bright Daniel?” sir Joseph asked harshly. His voice couldn’t let me admit that i was the one until he asked again. “Who among u is Bright Daniel?!”
“I’m the one, sir” i replied fearfully.
“Take him” he commanded and the two wardens stepped inside, grabbed me and dragged me out. As we moved along the passage, i saw Clark looking at me from his cell.
“What’s the prob, dude? Where are they taking you to?” he asked, then i looked at him in a way that shows: I HAVE NO IDEA. But after that, i saw him looking at me as if i was gonna die. That triggered another fear in me.
I was led by the two wardens in a lonely tunnel where sir Joseph told them to excuse us, so he looked into my eyes.
“You are the criminal and the murderer of..”
“I never murdered anybody” i
“Shut up! If u never murdered anyone then why are u here?”
“I don’t know, but i never did that!” i looked into his eyes too. I could see hatred and enmity in them, so i took caution and stepped backward. The next thing that came into my mind was; THIS MAN HAS AN EVIL PLAN AGAINST ME. So i said boldly, “What do you want from me and who are you?”
“I am the chief in commander of this place. I say what happens and what shouldn’t happen. I Just wanna know u and get more information about u” sir Joseph replied.
“Sorry, sir, but excuse me” i began to walk away from him without knowing where i got such guts!
“Don’t you dare walk away from me!” sir Joe ordered then i stopped without looking back. “Don’t claim to be smart, Bright. Your life is in my hands now” he
added. I didn’t say any other thing but continued walking. Immediately i left the tunnel, the two wardens led me back to my cell. I met Leo and the man still smoking. However, my whole body had become restless as the last statement of sir Joseph rang like a bell in my head. I never wanted to smoke or even learn how to smoke but i reached the weed Leo was smoking with my hand and he gently released it for me. When i gradually put it into my mouth, i breathed through it and a smoke ran down into my gullet and brian. I began to cough as Leo took the weed from me.
“I thought you said you don’t smoke. What’s going on, dude?” he asked.
“I guess he has discovered that his life is in danger” the old man said then i stared at him with red eyes caused by the weed and also wondered how he knew that my life was in danger..

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