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Sunday, 13 January 2019

My Life as a Prisoner Episode16 | by BRIGHT DANIEL

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Favour stood up grabbing my hand. She looked at me as if she had seen me before. Though my face looked familiar to her but due to i shaved my beards, she couldn’t recognise me again. She had a purse in her hand.
“You can go home now” i told her returning to my car coz i had a live to save.
“I can’t go home! They will catch me!” Favour shrieked following me. “Please, take me home” she added.
“Impossible” i replied as i entered my car. Surprisingly, she entered with me then i started the car and drove off with her instantly coz i didn’t want to waist time asking her questions or trying to prevent her from following me.
“You look familiar. Aren’t you the guy i met at the boutique accidentally?” Favour queried but i never answered. “Where are you taking me to?” she asked again, yet, i said nothing.
Meanwhile, Bethel had entered into Diamond Hotel and met the receptionist. She was a girl in her early twenties wearing black jacket over a white shirt. As she worked on the computer before her, Bethel entered.
“How can i help you sir?”
“I want to meet a particular lady”
“What’s her name?”
“Hum..” Bethel thought for a while coz he didn’t know Mary’s name. “Her surname is Joseph” he said.
“First name?” the girl demanded.
“Monica Joseph” Bethel just guessed then the girl checked her system and shook her head negatively.
“Sorry sir, we don’t have such name here. We only have Mary Joseph”
“Exactly, that’s the girl i want to see. Her name skipped my mind” Bethel had a factitious smile.
“She’s in room 255”
“Thank you” He ran upstairs.
However, i had also arrived in a hurry packed my car at the gate of the hotel. The light coming from the hotel sign-board illuminated the arena.
“What are we doing in a hotel?” Favour asked.
“Just stay here!” i ordered her and ran inside the hotel with my gun in a bag.
On the other hand, Bethel had gotten to room 255. Heknocked.
“Who’s there?” Mary asked from inside but Bethel didn’t say anything. “Bright, is that you?” she added.
“Yes, open” Bethel replied then began to hear the sound of my footsteps running upstairs. As i ran, i brought out my gun simultaneously. Just then, Mary opened the door and i heard a gunshot from afar. “Noo!” i shouted. Before i got there, i saw Bethel lying on the floor with his belly stained with blood while Mary’s hand quivered in fear holding the gun. When she saw me, she dropped it and hugged me in tears. My heartbeat decreased when i noticed that Bethel was the one shot by Mary. Though he wasn’t dead yet.
“Come on, pick your bag. We are leaving now” i instructed and carried Bethel.
“What are you doing?” Mary asked.
“I don’t want him to die here otherwise the police will trace us” i replied.
We rushed down the building with Bethel in my arms bleeding seriously. When the young receptionist saw us, she screamed. Already, she had been terrified by the gunshot.
“Oh my God!” Favour shouted when she saw us coming out through the gate. I placed Bethel inside the boot of my car too where he rested with Annabel then we drove off instantly. Mary sat at the back seat while Favour sat beside me in the front seat.
“Who is she?” Mary asked me.
“Call your Dad” i neglected her question.
“My Dad?”
“Yes, i guess Tom gonna pick it” Mary dialed her father’s number then Tom picked before she gave it to me.
“It’s Bright, sir”
“What’s going on?”
“I’ve got the two assassins and we are heading straight to the prison”
“Good” the line went dead.
Favour looked at me and shouted, “Prison?! What’s going on?”
“I never told you to follow me” i replied while Mary listened to us.
“I’m not following u to the prison”
“Then get down” i matched the break instantly.
“Okay, I’m sorry. Please, take me home after everything I’m so scared” Favour begged then i topped another gear running to Eleke prison.
At the prison, near the basket-ball court, i brought Annabel and Bethel down. They were bleeding uncontrollably.
“You can hand them over to the police now” i told Tom. “They are the two who set me up while the female murdered sir Joe” i added.
Hearing that, Mary provoked trying to hit Annabel as she cried.
“You’ve done a create job. They will be made to confess and Lucas will be apprehended too” Tom shook my hand.
Just as we spoke, Bethel took his last breathe. I exhaled heavily and walked back to my car empty handed except the car keys followed by Favour before Mary. The two girls remained quiet inside the car until we got to Favour’s residence. Before she came down from the car with her bag, a drug fell from it on the front seat, so she grabbed it instantly.
“So you’re a drug dealer” i said.
“What?!” Mary exclaimed.
“It’s not what u think” Favour defended.
“It’s obvious, and i guess that’s how you sent Clark Kent to prison” i said unabashedly then Favour stared at me surprisingly…

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