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Thursday, 24 January 2019

IS IT A SIN?? (Trauma) Season1 Episode6 |by Olamilekan Afolabi

Voom! A Venza 2017 Model, beautifully pimped, arch in colour whizzed into the compound swiftly, Mrs. Chioma went out to welcome the August visitors. Lo and behold they are Mrs. Chioma children, a young, cute and handsome boy, I guess his age can’t transcend 13-15 years old, and a beautiful young girl, she took after Mrs. Chioma in appearance and her age can’t exceed 16-18 years old. They just came back from United State of America for vacation. They school in United State of America, and I learnt that they are three the second child of Mrs. Chioma is also a boy and he is also schooling in United State of America, but he didn’t come to Nigeria for vacation.
Mrs. Chioma ushered her children in. She was quite happy to see her beloved children.
“Nnena!……..Nnena!!..” Mrs. Chioma screamed my name.
“Ma” I replied as I quickly opt for the sitting room.
“How many times must I call you before you answered my call?” Mrs. Chioma uttered disappointed.
“Am sorry ma, I am washing the dirty dish, so I have to wash my hand from been soapy before I came here ma, am very sorry ma.” I responded beseeching.
“Ok, meet my children, his name is Obinna (pointing to the boy) and her name is Chiamaka (signaling the girl), so therefore every respect I deserves from you should be given to my children. They are three my second child is also a boy and his name is Chinnedu.” Mrs. Chioma enunciated.
“Met our housemaid, her name is Nnena, she just resume here today and I think she must be a good girl.” Mrs. Chioma addressed, I greeted her children but they responded to my greeting unsatisfied.
“Go and prepare something for them to eat, they must be exhausted by now, check the food timetable on the kitchen wall and cook what is on the roster for today breakfast.” Mrs. Chioma commanded as I swiftly evanescent/vanished from the sitting room.
“Mum, how can this dirty looking girl cook for me? She is too disgusting and irritating; I don’t think I can eat her meal” Chiamaka presented with a very bad expression showing on her face.
“She is from the village but don’t worry my dear, I will blend her” Mrs. Chioma bridled.
“My sister, she is also a human being, you do go to church in USA but it doesn’t shows on you that you are that religious……………………..” Obinna isolated.
“Will you shut that gutter you call a mouth, I am talking, you are also talking, who invited you to this discussion? Don’t ever again in your life intervene in my dialogue. Understand?” Chiamaka counterblasted.
Obinna soliloquized and opt for his bedroom.
“Mummy I don’t like that girl, she is a foul. Gosh. I don’t even know what you like about her. Or is it because she is also beautiful?” Chiamaka retort.
“Chiamaka, please change the topic.” Mrs. Chioma said with an implied command.
Ehn! Ehn!! That reminds me mummy Chinedu said he is coming home next year October.” Chiamaka said quite happy.
“Okay, he is always welcome.” Mrs. Chioma replied.
“Mummy, My brothers and I have decided to finish our education here in Nigeria.” Chiamaka premised.
“You got your dad permission for that?” Mrs. Chioma replied.
“Mummy, when last did you hear from daddy? He isn’t calling us more often as he usually do” Chiamaka pried Mrs. Chioma who was busy listening to the network news.
“Yesterday, he travelled because an issue came up so he went to Abuja to settle it” Mrs. Chioma replicates.
“What issue?” Chiamaka inquired.
“Chiamaka you are too nosey, what concerns you with the issue that broke out?” Mrs. Chioma sassed.
“Am sorry ma, when his he coming back?” Chiamaka apologized and quested.
“Before Christmas he said.” Mrs. Chioma replied now uncomfortable.
“Mummy, when……………………” Chiamaka unfinished with her words when Mrs. Chioma bangs in.
“Chiamaka, go and eat. When you not a reporter!” Mrs. Chioma said as she opts for the dinning.
What do you think will happen next?
(Light out)
To be continues

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