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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

I FELL IN LOVE Episode 8

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She got a text message from Emmanuel on her way to her lodge and it read:
She got to her room and crashed on her bed crying, she read his message again.
“I finally did it, I threw his love back at his face, love made me do all these, does my love for Feranmi worth all this, I can’t believe this is happening to me” She said to herself amidst tears.
“I never imagined it in my wildest dream that I’ll jilt a guy, where’s the good girl my mother raised” She asked herself.
She wept until she no longer had the strength to cry, she turned off her phone and cried herself to sleep.
Thessy tried Wemmy’s line severally, she still got the number not available response, she later decided to let her be, maybe she needed to be alone.
Feranmi was worried sick, he tried reaching her but to no avail, Sophia has traveled after her exams, so he couldn’t call her to ask after Wemmy. He decided to go back to his house the next morning, he entered into the compound and walked right into Emmanuel’s hands.
“Speaking of the devil” Emmanuel said
“Good morning Emmanuel”
“What an effrontery! So you still have the nerve to talk to me after messing around with my girlfriend, you know how much I love her right, and you took her away from me”
“I’m deeply sorry for all these, none of us mean for things to turn out like this”
“Story for the gods, spare me the sermon Feranmi, she’s all yours now. Enjoy it while it last. She’s mine and I’m definitely going to get her back. I promise you that” he said and walk out on him.
Feranmi did not even bother entering his room, he rushed out immediately and headed straight to Wemmy’s lodge. He knocked but she refused to open up.
“It’s me Wemmy, please open the door”
She opened the door after what took like forever.
He hugged her tightly before releasing her.
“Wemimo your eyes are all red and swollen that means you cried all night, did you even sleep at all”
“I think I’m fine now”
“Why did you switch off your phone, you scared me to death, I should be beside you all through but you insisted I leave yesterday. You don’t have to do this alone you know, we are in this together”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you worried, I just wanted to be alone last night” she said tiredly.
“I saw Emmanuel this morning”
“Really, hope things didn’t go bad”
“He just gave me a piece of his mind, I deserve anything he throws at me, because I understand how he feels
“Feranmi, promise me I won’t regret this”
“I promise you, God helping me, you won’t regret this path we chose. I love you Oluwawemimo, I never had the chance to say it before now, I really do love you and I won’t stop loving you”
“I love you too”
He moved closer to her and kissed her passionately for the second time, pouring all their love and affection into it. After the kiss Wemmy offered him a seat.
“I have a big request” she said. I want to right some wrongs.
“What’s the big request? He asked
I don’t want us to have sex till we get married. There is this saying that says if a man loves you he will wait right? I’m not a virgin, I got physical with my ex but I want to start this relationship on a clean slate, God even frowns at it, we call it pre-marital sex, but He calls it fornication”
“Request granted”
“You won’t think about it? Are you sure you are okay with this?”
“Our religion is against it even our culture too does not encourage premarital sex, but we youth just choose to do things our way”
“Feranmi …… hope you won’t change your mind later”
“I’m willing to wait till our wedding night to prove to you that I’m not after your body even though you have a body that is hard to resist but I’ll wait” he hugged her and kiss her on the forehead.
“Can I stay with you for a while? I don’t want you to be alone” he said
“Yes you can”
Thessy went to Wemmy’s lodge to check on her and see how she’s holding up. She was not surprised when she met Feranmi there.
“Good morning” she said ignoring Feranmi.
“Good morning” They chorused.
“Wemmy I don’t need to ask how was your night because it’s sure not fine, see your eyes all swollen. You even switch off your phone, I was really worried last night”
“Sorry about that, but I needed to be alone”
“All will be well sweetheart” Thessy said pretending as if Feranmi did not exist.
Feranmi noticed Thessy’s attitude towards him, he wasn’t comfortable with her either and he decided to excuse them.
“I’ll be on my way now” he said calmy.
Thessy looked deeply into his eyes
“this guy is head over heels in love with my friend, it is just too obvious” she said to her self.
“You don’t have to leave because of me”
“Theresa!” Wemmy called out
“Feranmi! If you want to be here for a long time, I mean in her life, then it’s better we start getting along because you will always see this face around”
Thessy said with a smirk on her face.
“I know that already, I know you thought I mislead your friend or something but I’m not sorry that I’m in love with her. If you get to know me, you will find out I’m not a bad person”
“If you break my friend’s heart or mess with her, I will personally strangle you” she said now smiling at him.
“I promise I won’t”
“Thank you my friend, thanks for accepting him, you don’t know how happy I am right now” Wemmy said and hugged her friend.
“You don’t have to thank me Wemmy, your happiness is my happiness. Feranmi, welcome to the family”
“Thanks for accepting me” he said with a handshake.
“Wemmy are you still traveling home today?” Thessy asked
“No, not today, I can’t go home like this”
“Alright then, let me leave you guys alone, we’ll see later” Thessy said and left the couples.
The next day, while I was preparing to leave for the park, I got a call from Emmanuel.
“Hello Wemmy, I’ll like to see you, can I come to your lodge?”
“I’m on my way to the park, I’m traveling”
“Wemmy please we need to talk, I want you back in my life …..
“The earlier you get over me the better for us. Once I say good night in a place, I don’t go back there to say good evening, my mind is already made up”
“Wemmy …..
“It’s over between us, I’m not coming back to you” she said calmly.
“The only way I can be happy with myself is when I see you move on, so please I’m begging you if you truly love me, then let me go and let another person come into your life, someone who deserves you better will surely come. Emmanuel I’ll be hanging up now. Bye”
Immediately she ended the call, Emmanuel dialed Thessy’s number and informed her that he’d like to see her. She agreed to meet with him, so he went straight to her hostel.
“Thessy I thought we are all friends, all of this is going on and you did not bother to tell me about it, if you do maybe things might not turn out this way. Thessy I know she’s your friend, I want to have her back, but if I had knew I had a competition, I would have guarded my relationship to prevent intruders like that guy from stealing Wemmy from me” he said sounding depressed.
“First of all, I knew nothing about the two of them, believe me or not. I was in the dark too, although I noticed she was withdrawn and keep things to herself but I thought it was just final year pressure” Thessy explained.
“Really, I thought you guys shares everything”
“She opened up to me a day before she broke the news to you. She knows I won’t be a party to it, that’s why she chose not to tell me about it. And it’s not as if they are having an affair, she just chose not to discuss her feeling for another guy”
“I believe you, She’s someone who has a mind of her own and hate to be push around”
“Yea, she locked me out so that I won’t talk her out of it”
“I won’t give up, I’m going to get her back”
“E…mma…nuel! Open your eyes, Wemmy is gone for good, she cared about you but she’s in love with Feranmi”
“So you are saying…..
“Be a man Emmanuel, people who loves us don’t leave”
“Hmm, I give up” he sighed
“Good, you deserve a woman who loves you and you will surely find one”
“Thanks Thessy, you’ve succeeded in lifting this burden off my chest.”
“You are welcome, so are we still friend?
“Sure we are”
“Including Wemmy?” Thessy added
“That’s a work in progress, I’ll have to work on that. But I wish them well.”
“I understand”
“So when are you traveling, your friend has left already” he asked
“Tomorrow and you?”
“Tomorrow” he said, they hugged, wishing each other a safe trip
To be continued ….. .. .. .. .

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