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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 30

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“Yes, we know each other, she’s my ex” Emmanuel replied his wife
“Your ex! Wemimo?”
“Wooow! Nurse Angel sighed.
“Is she the sister in-law you’ve been talking about?” Emmanuel asked
“As you can see, she really turned out to be my sister in-law” Nurse Angel replied.
“I still can’t believe this, so Emmanuel is actually your husband?” Wemmy asked in awe.
“You know what, we’ll continue this discussion later. Wemmy you have an antenatal clinic to attend now, while you have to see a doctor” She said pointing to her husband.
“I’ll get your card now, so you could see a doctor. When you are both through then you two can continue this reunion thing”
Some minutes later, Emmanuel was through. He went to the Nurses’ station to inform his wife he’s going home.
“Where are you going, won’t you wait for Wemmy”
“I need to rest, I just took injections”
“Go and rest in your car, she’s will soon be through”
“To wait for her? This is awkward, are you not jealous?”
“Why would I, you are both happily married, so what’s there”
“I’ll wait then” he left the hospital building and stayed in his car.
An hour later, She joined Emmanuel in the parking lots, Nurse Angel gave her the description of his car.
She wasn’t surprised when Nurse Angel told her the model of his car, Emmanuel rides Toyota Prado SUV, apart from the fact that his parents are rich, they also have connection in high places. She located the car and walked up to him.
“How are you doing?” he asked
“I’m good, hope you are feeling much better”
“Yes, thanks. How’s your husband?”
“He’s fine”
“You are looking good even with the baby bump”
“Thanks” she smiled, placing her left hand on her baby bump.
“I use to imagine back then how you’ll look when you’re pregnant and my imaginations was right”
“I’m sure you imagined me carrying your baby, right?
“Irony of life” he smiled.
“Hmm, I never knew God had already answered my prayer until today. So Nurse Angel is your wife?. Now I finally have my peace”
“I know you are not happy back then, but as you can see God answered your prayer and gave me a good woman”
“Your wife is wonderful, I’m so glad to know she’s your wife”
“Yes she’s a wonderful woman”
“Let me release you now, so you can go home to rest”
“Ok, take care”
“You too”
“I guess we’ll be seeing more of each other now”
“You think so?”
“Trust my wife, bye” he said while entering his car.
Wemmy went back to the hospital building to see Nurse Angel before leaving.
“Sister in-law of life!“ Nurse Angel said jokingly.
“Are we still friends?”
“Why not, in fact I’m inviting you over this weekends, we are now family.” Wemmy hugged her.
“You are beautiful inside out, I’m glad I met someone like you.”
“Me too, I’ll give you a call later”
“Ok, bye”
Feranmi got himself a small phone. He inserted his sim and called his wife.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t reach you last night, my phone was broken”
“Thessy told me”
“Told you what?” he asked hoping Thessy didn’t say anything about Sewa.
“I called Thessy when I was worried, she told me your phone was faulty”
“Ok” he said and sighed heavily. How was clinic today?”
“Dramatic? How?”
“I met Emmanuel”
“As in ….. Emmanuel?”
“Yes but that’s not the dramatic part”
“Now, you are being dramatic Wemmy ….
“Okay let me go straight to the point. Emmanuel is Nurse Angel’s husband”
“Are you for real, the same Nurse Angel you use to talk about?
“Yes, she even want us to be family friends”
“Is she not jealous, knowing you are his husband’s ex?”
“That woman is indeed an Angel, it doesn’t bother her a bit”
“I’d love to meet her, she’s so matured”
“You will meet her, don’t worry. She invited me over to her house”
“You can go if you’re comfortable with the idea”
“I’m coming next weekend”
“Great! I’ll be expecting you. She said happily.
“Alright, I’ll talk to you later”
“Feranmi you don’t sound happy, is it because of your phone?”
“No, I’m fine, enjoy the rest of your day”
“I will, later”
She ended the call still wondering why he sounded down.
“I have to call Thessy too, she must not carry this gist over” She said to herself. She immediately put a call through to her.

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