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Friday, 11 January 2019

I Fell in love Episode 25

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“What are you doing here?” She asked
“You two knew each other” the man asked.
“Yes, he’s my best friend’s husband”
“Your Wemmy”
“Yes my Wemmy”
“Hi Thessy, I’m surprised to see you as well”
“Wemmy told me you are in PH, I intended calling you before now but I never expected to meet you here”
“Good morning sir, you should be the owner of this property, Hon. Kingsley Brown”
“Yes I am” He replied and gave him a handshake.
“I’m Feranmi Adesanya, I’m the supervisor. Let me show you around sir”
“OK, after you”
“I did not know that you are now into building construction”
“It’s a long story Thessy”
He showed them around to see how far work has gone.
“You are doing a great job here, I’m highly impressed. You’ve not even spend two months, well done and you’ve gone this far” Honorable Kingsley Brown commended him.
“Thank you sir”
“I really like your efficiency, I must confess”
“I’m glad you are impressed sir”
“The Federal government is currently awarding some contracts. You can submit your proposal, I’ll do the follow up” he informed.
“I don’t really know much about this job, I’m still new in the construction business. I’m managing this for a friend” he explained.
“Don’t worry about that, we all started from somewhere. Just believe in your self, you can do it”
“Thank you so much sir”
“Can you leave out the ‘sir’ we are practically brother in-laws now. I’m I right Thessy?”
“You are right” she replied smiling.
“Have my card, so we can talk later on to put you through the bidding.
You will need to submit some things along with the proposal like introduction letter, company’s profile, Bill of Quantity etc. Don’t worry we’ll discussed everything”
“Thank you very much si…” he almost added sir again. Thessy please help me thank him”
“Feranmi we are more like a family, you will do the same if you are in his shoes”
“Thank you, you won’t understand how much this means to me”
“I and Wemmy will be having a very long discussion once I leave here” Thessy informed him.
“I’m sure she’ll explain everything to you”
“We have to leave now, I have an appointment”
“Ok, I’ll give you a call, thanks once again honorable”
“Feranmi send your address to me on WhatsApp, so I can check on you once in a while”
“I will send it, thanks”
They left and Feranmi put a call through to his wife and told her everything that happened. He also told her it’s time she open up to Thessy.
True to her words, Thessy gave Wemmy a call.
“The last time I checked, the company your husband is working with is not a construction company” she said sternly.
“I’ll explain everything Thessy”
“Then start talking”
“First I’m deeply sorry, you won’t like what you are about to hear. I know as friends I should not keep secrets from you, but I had to”
“Wemmy spill it already”
“Ehm … Feranmi lost his job a month to our wedding”
“Jesus Christ, Wemmy! It’s a lie, and you kept it all to yourself?”
“Even our families knows nothing about it”
“Now I fear you, what? I can’t believe this”
“After the wedding he met an old friend who owns the construction company is working for now, he started working for him ever since then”
“God, you passed through all this alone?”
“Things are even better now, before he used to work has a labourer on site”
“It’s a lie” Thessy bursted into tears.
“You don’t need to cry Thessy, you should thank God for us that we survived it”
“That explains the reason why the baby did not come early”
“Yes, in fact for the first five months of our marriage. I did not allow him touch me.
“You mean you did not get intimate for five months?”
“God, Feranmi have really suffered o”
“That is our story”
“I believe things will turn around for good very soon by God’s grace”
“Amen o” I’m I forgiven?”
“Yes you are, you did what you have to do to protect your family”
“Thanks, I trust you’ll understand”
“Did he tell you about the contract, KB (referring to her fiance – Hon. Kingsley Brown) wants to help him with”
“He told me, I’m very grateful Thess”
“I’m very sure he’ll get the contract, KB promise to follow it up”
“I pray so”
“Wemmy you are very strong and I seriously envy you, Feranmi is really lucky to have a woman like you for a wife”
“Let’s just say we are lucky to have each other”
“How’s my God child, hope my baby is kicking?”
“Your baby is kicking, thanks”
“Please take good care of yourself, I’ll check on Feranmi too, I told him to send his address in PH”
“Thanks girlfriend”
“Anything for you, I’ll talk to you later, bye”
Feranmi closed for the day and went to a mall to get groceries. He bumped into the least person he expected to meet in PH.

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