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Thursday, 10 January 2019

I fell in love Episode 19

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Wemmy got a call from Thessy, she needed some advice from her.
“Hi girlfriend”
“Hi sweetheart, how is you?” (In Jennifer’s voice)
“I’m good” she replied smiling. How’s work and family?”
“Fine, we bless God”
“Wemmy I met someone”
“Some…one as in a guy?
“Something like that”
“Thank God I’m so happy” she said jumping over the phone.
“Hold on and let me explain”
“Explanation! OK I’m all ears”
“I met this man through my uncle but ….
“Thessy what’s the but again fa?”
“He’s a widower”
“Wow! That’s a but”
“He likes me a lot, in fact he approached my Uncle and told him how he felt about me”
“And what did your Uncle say?”
“He told him he has his blessings once I agree to it”
“That means he’s a good person since Uncle gave his consent”
“Sincerely he’s a good man”
“Ok tell me about him”
“He is a member of the house of representative, He is 36 years old. He’s a renowned business man, he’s into Real estate and Building. He also has a little daughter from his late wife.”
“Really! he’s seven years older than you, that is still OK, I know you love children so his daughter should not be a problem. Let’s leave the but for now, he is still young we can’t expect him not to remarry”
“So what’s your take on it?”
“Do you love him?”
“I like him”
“Like is good, like do turn to love eventually, all we need now is God’s leading, so let’s start praying about it”
“What do I tell him now?”
“Tell him to give you time to think about it”
“Thank you so much Wemmy, I’m proud to have you as a friend”
“Same here”
“Talk to you later, regards to your hubby”
“I will, bye, love you”
“Love you too”
Wemmy ended the call and his husband walk up to her.
“Yes, she sent her regards”
“So what’s the gist this time?”
“I thought it’s only girls that do aproko, but its like guys too have joined the league”
“Why did I even ask, you’ll still tell me eventually”
“No pillow talk this time, sorry to disappoint you. This is between my friend and I” she said with her tongue out
“I know you will tell me before we sleep this night”
“Me! Never”
They went into the kitchen to prepare dinner, Wemmy did the cooking while her husband kept her company. They ate dinner and retired to bed.
“Good night sweetheart”
“Good night baby” he replied.
He drew her closer, kissed her forehead and laid her head on his chest.
“Thessy met someone” she spilled it.
“I said it, didn’t I?” he said laughing. I know I will hear the gist before I sleep”
“Oooo, this my mouth. Why is it so difficult to keep something from you sef” she hissed.
“You’ve drop the headline already, so let’s have the full gist” he said still laughing.
“Stop laughing jo, what’s so funny” She said throwing pillows at him. Then the pillow fight started, with Wemmy giggling.
“You are just too playful, remember you are going to work tomorrow, you better sleep” He said trying to stop her from throwing more pillows. He got hold of her hands and place her on the bed
“Leave me jo”
“OK, you win” He said and kissed her, she returned the kiss.
The pillow fight eventually ends with love making.
Thessy got a call from his ex, he still wanted her back in his life, he was still finding it difficult to move on without Thessy in his life.
“Hi Thess, how are you doing its being a while”
“I’m fine and to what do I owe this call?”
“I’m just checking on you”
“Will you please quit this melodrama of yours. Who are you checking on?”
“Tess what can I do for you to forgive me?”
“How about jumping off a cliff”
“Has it come to that?”
“Tony please I’m in a middle of something, I don’t have time for this”
“Thessy I still care about you, let start all over again” she hissed.
“You are despicable” she ended the call.
She slammed her phone on the bed and returned back to her dressing table to put finishing touches on her make up she has a date with her suitor.
To be continued………

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