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Monday, 14 January 2019

Anike Episode 22| by Toyin Taiwo

I checked my screen again to be sure, If he was actually the one who called. Why was he shouting?” I asked myself.
“Who was that?” My mum asked
“Don’t worry Ma” I handed my food to Adekemi. I moved closer to my brother and touched his forehead, I squeezed this hand gently and kissed it.
“Mummy I need to be somewhere and its urgent. Please call me and let me know if there’s anything”
“Are you sure all is well?”
“All is well ma”
I left the hospital for the airport, I bought a ticket and waited for the next flight since he didn’t booked the flight for me this time. One thing is sure he had found out he had infection. Come to think of it, even if he finds out, why give such attitude on phone, he almost bursted my ear drums. He had never raised his voice at me before. Sitting at the departure a lot of things runs through my mind. I got to Abuja Airport and to my surprise non of the drivers was there to pick me. Then I know there’s fire on the mountain.
I took a cab down to the entrance of the estate, commercial vehicles are not allowed to go in. I had to trek down to the house.
I met his PA in the living room. I was really sweating when I got in.
“Anike, Sorry for the inconveniency, Admiral didn’t instruct us to pick you up” he said.
“Its OK, thanks. Where is he?”
“In his bedroom” he replied
“Anike, please take things easy with him, in fact if it’s possible don’t speak till he calms down”
I opened the door, he was standing in front of the window backing the door.
“Prince, what’s the meaning of this distress call? I asked calmly.
“Call it anything you” he was holding a paper and he threw at me. The paper landed on the floor. I looked at him again before I picked up the paper.
“Can you explain that?”
“Explain what? I hurriedly looked through the content of the paper, it was a lab test result. I actually gave him infection.
“How dare you, Anike you gave me infection!”
“Let me explain…
“Explain what? That you now sleep around. With men not even one?”
“ Excuse me!”
“I wouldn’t have believe all this but that test result proves everything. Anike I trusted you with my life but you choose to betray me”
“Prince what’s going on here. You are going overboard. Fine, I have infection. Did I give you infection?…. Yes. I just found out this morning. What I don’t get is why you are accusing me of sleeping around. I’m not seeing anyone, I don’t even have a boyfriend.
“Anike cut the crap, you think I wouldn’t find out, I ought to have you been monitored 24-7 but I choose not to do that because I trusted you. You even dated my friends, for what exactly”
“Date your friends!”
“What do you want?” He said raising is voice at me.
“S-x… I would have thought maybe I wasn’t satisfying you, but we both know that you are not s-x freaked.
Money….no, do you know my Net worth? There’s nothing understand this sun that money can buy that I can’t get you, if you ask me.
So what made you to start sleeping around is what I don’t get” he said shouting on top of his voice.
“I won’t stand here and have you insult me” I said and turned to leave the room.
“Come back here this minute. You dare not what out on me while I’m still talking”
“You can talk to yourself”
I said and left the room. He picked the paper and followed me. He caught up with me in the sitting room and held my hand and throw the test result on the center table.
“I call the shot here and you won’t leave until I ask you to do so”
“Really! Watch me”
“Where do you think you are going Anike?” he refused to release me from his grip.
“Let go of me Prince”
“You won’t step a foot out of this house”
“I’m I under arrest or you’re keeping me hostage or you want to lock me up in one of the rooms. Alawode let go of me… now!”
“Admiral please take things easy, I already told you this allegations are not true, I once had her followed even without your permission, Anike is clean” PA interfered.
“Oh, you now call her Anike, right. Leave my house this minute, you are fired” he left immediately, you know they obey before complain.
“That’s because I told him not to be formal with him” I stated.
“Are you sleeping with him too?”
“Do you just accuse me of sleeping with your PA? I said and dished him a hot slap.
“Anike you slapped me?”
“And I will do it again”
He was now calm. I’m very sure it was that slap that calmed him down.
“Really! Anike you are not even remorseful” he said calmly.
“Remorseful for what” I said crying,I couldn’t hold back k the tears again. “That I made a mistake of using a public toilet that gave me toilet infection”
“Toilet what?”
I remembered the test results are in my bag. I brought it out and showed him.
“I was feeling itchy, so I went to the hospital to complain this morning. I just found out today” I showed him the drugs I was giving too, everything was still in my bag.
I wanted to call you but something came up…
“Yes, you had to go to Lagos”
“Wow, your informant really fed you well, I applaud that person” I fired at him.
“What are you doing in Lagos”
“Your informant didn’t tell you?”
“Yes, that you are with a man”
“God! My brother is at the hospital as we speak. He had surgery few hours ago”
“What! you mean your brother was operated?”
“I can’t believe you didn’t trust me enough after all the times we’ve been together, you trusted an outsider’s words over mine. If you’ll excuse me I’ll like to take my leave now” I was shedding tears and wiping it at the same time with my palm.
“Anike, please don’t leave, I’m deeply sorry. I was so angry that I didn’t take my time to process the information well” he held my arms pleading.
“Let go of me”
“You are going no where Anike, do anything you like to me. Slap me, hit me, curse me, do anything”
“Prince,from me to you, this relationship is over” I fired at him.
“You can’t break up with me because of this” he said holding me back.
“Well I just did, good bye” I freed myself to leave then I saw a motorcade coming into the compound.
To be continued

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