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Saturday, 22 December 2018


“Mum I said I’ll be fine.” I said to my mum as she was about to leave for work.
If you don’t know me I’m Maggie I’m 17 years old and I have dark  brown wavy hair that reach my mid-break, light blue eyes and a normal size body and about 5.7ft(1.70m).

“I knew but I just don’t want to leave you alone if there is a killer out there.” She said, “Please leave, you have work to do,” I put my hand on her shoulder and looked her dead serious in the eyes and said “and if anything happens I will call you straight away….ok.” “Ok.” When she walked out I locked the door and went to the living room and tuned on the Tv. “BREAKING NEWS, MURDERER AND RAPIST HARRY STYLES (Age 20) HAS BREAKEN OUT OF PRISON AND POLICE ADVICE EVERYONE TO STAY INSIDE AND LOCK THEIR DOORS AND WINDOWS.” I turned the Tv off “I can't believe we were friends and how obsessed he was with me” I thought.

He was last year in High school when I first met him, he used to walk behind everyone from school even though we lived in opposite directions from school, I mean I tried being his friend so I gave him my number so we could be in contact but then after a while he went nuts and always wondered where I was and what I was doing and sending threats to every guy I was hanging with and after trying to be his friend and everything I decided to visit him when I knew he was out of town but his mom were home, so I knocked on the door and asked if Harry was home and as I planned she said “No, he’s out of town visiting his dad’s grave” and in a reasons I said “Oh, but Harry got one of my books, is it ok if I go into his room and it take it back” she luckily answered “Sure” and said where his room was, so I walked up the stairs into the room and his room was actually very clean. 

I knew I shouldn’t go through his privacy but something didn’t feel right about him, so I opened his closet and on the inside door part was pictures of me, when I was walking to and from school, in school, sleeping, sleeping in my bed, just pictures from every possible place and notes saying such as “I love you”, “Future wife”, “You’ll be mine” and lastly “Mrs Maggie Styles”. After that I took pictures of it ran home showed my mum, she contacted Harry’s mum and they moved or something because the 3 days later their stuff were gone, the house was completely empty and all of the pictures but one note was still on the door that read “I’ll be back love”

But anyway I took out my computer and turned logged in on Netflix “why do some people even want to be a criminal when they could be at home watching Netflix and eat chocolate” I started watching ‘The sixth sense’. Half way through the movie I started to get hungry so I paused the movie and put the computer on the couch and walked to the kitchen looking for something. “Going to the supermarket isn’t that dangerous, not if I walk fast.” I thought.

I walked up the stairs and changed from my pajamas to some skinny black jeans, white converse, a grey talk top and a red/white/black cardigan, I brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun and then I grabbed some money and walked down the stairs, out the door and made sure I locked it.

The road to the store was quit dark but not scary dark. By the time I was at the store it felt like I had ran a marathon, the entire store was quit it was only the cashier here. I thought it would be at least some more people here but I didn’t think more about it as I made my way to the candy isle.

When I was about done and started walking as quiet as I could, just when I turned the corner to the register I saw the cashier on the floor with a pool of blood around her and open cash register.

Just as I look my phone out to call the police I felt breathing in the back ofmyneck and something could pressed against my back but his voice was then only thing that gave me chills
“What do you think you're doing love?”

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