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Sunday, 23 December 2018


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Daniella immediately she enter her room she got a call from her mom.
“ hello mom” she said smiling trying to cover her sad voice. “ you don’t have to come home for your holiday, I bought a house for you near the beach, you like the beach right?” arie said at the other end of the line and Daniella’s smile disappear. “ but mom, why do you always push me away? You bought a house so you won’t have to see me anymore? Are you sure I’m not adopted because why will you keep pushing me away for a reason I don’t know?” daniella said showing the anger and sadness in her voice. “ what? Why do you have to talk to your mother like that? I only bought the house for you since you like water” arie try to lie. “ thank you mom for ruining my birthday really thanks” Daniella end the call. “ so today is her birthday? How can I forget that? Oh my Arie you are stupid” Arie hit herself stupidly. “ what happened? ” Mr smith asked. “ today is daniella’s birthday, I forgot again” arie breaks into tears. “ don’t worry I will talk to her” Mr smith hug his wife.
Daniella sang all night thinking about Daniel and her ruined birthday ,Daniel on his own regret his decisions greatly but there is nothing he can do, he need the money to pay for his brother’s surgery not knowing daniella actually save the money and was about to give him when he broke with her. Daniella look at the cheque beside her. She tore it into pieces, she wonder why she can’t form a single tear with her eyes and it bother her so much. She forgot the tear of a thing and drift off to sleep, she is still a junior swimmer so she have a long way to go.
Daniel know he can’t face Daniella anymore so after his brother’s surgery he leave the city. The break up affect daniella greatly but thank god she is going on a holiday probably to forget everything.

_____Under the sea _____
Janelle sneak out of the kingdom to meet the old siren. “ old siren janelle is here” janelle said smiling just then the sirens swim out, they were many that janelle can’t even count. “ what bring a mermaid to our kingdom” the most beautiful siren said. “ ha she is here to see the old one ” another one said and they all burst into laughter. “ its not as if the beauty is even permanent like ours( hisses) it will soon fade” janelle also burst into laughter. “ wait are you here to fight?” a young siren said. “ all I know is that, the fishermen are now wise and they won’t get carried away by your beauty anymore” janelle mocked and they all frowned. “ well I’m not here to fight” janelle added. “ she is here to fight girls carry on with your activities ” the old siren said. “ Janelle, what brings you here?” she asked. “ I want to ask, when will I be able to have temporary legs” janelle asked. “ hmm in two months time, last month was your twentieth birthday right?” the old siren asked. “ yes, I want to go to the human world” janelle said in a dream way. “ why? Humans are not like mermaids, they lie, hurt their selves, do sort of bad things although there are good ones too” the old siren said. “ whatever I will meet the good ones” janelle happily. “ she want to embrace her destiny, I wonder what is happening to the little princess” the old siren thought. “ two months time, I will wait” janelle said.
Janelle swim away.
Daniella move to the house her mom bought her, the house is very big and beautiful. She can see the beautiful sea from her room. The sight is beautiful, she went to the sea shore to get a good view but she saw something she thought it never exist.
What do you think she saw?

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