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Monday, 17 December 2018


Jinnie spots Edward.
She saw him with another woman.
“Is she the reason why they broke up?” she asks herself.
She tries to approach him but Mary Dale stops her.
“Please don’t! Whatever it is that you are planning to do, please don’t!” Mary Dale begs her.
Jinnie looks at her.
“How can you still act so calm in this situation?” she asks incredulously.
Mary Dale shrugs her shoulders.
“No matter what I say or do, it doesn’t change the fact that he and I are over.” She says in a resigned voice.
She’s tired.
She doesn’t want to argue with Jinnie.
She puts a smile on her face.
Even though she feels an overwhelming ache in her chest.
She tries to calm her breath.
“I know you are not okay Mary Dale!| you don’t have to pretend with me! I’m your friend remember? I’m willing to help you!”
“And I’m thankful for you and Elisse! So stop worrying about me, okay? I’m fine! I really am!” she plasters a smile across her face.
Hopefully Jinnie drops the subject.
Jinnie stops herself from saying anything more.
She really has a bad feeling about the way Mary Dale is acting.
She knows it's all on act.
A normal person would have cried in her situation!
At least once!
But Mary Dale didn’t cry.
And that’s what worries her more.
Mary Dale turns to leave.
Jinnie is at a loss on how to help her friend.
She saw her enter the VIP room where she knows Edward and the woman were at.
“What the hell is she doing?” Jinnie asks angrily.
Mary Dale enters the VIP room.
She compose herself and once again puts on her brightest smile.
Edward looks shocked when he saw Mary Dale.
He wasn’t expecting her to be the one to serve them.
“Good evening sir, sir, ma’am! May I take your orders?” she asks looking Edward straight in the eyes.
There’s no use avoiding him.
She has to get used to this!
She has to!
He looks at her with so much longing in her eyes.
He misses her.
He looks at her without saying anything.
He was brought back to reality when Elizabeth spoke.
“Edward, are you going to tell her our orders or not?” she asks irritated.
She doesn’t know why, but Elizabeth has this thinking that Edward knows this waitress.
Edward finally speaks.
“Just give us the usual!”
Mary Dale writes something on her notepad.
“Would that be all sir?”
He nods his head.
Mary Dale left with Edward still looking at her.
Elizabeth looks at Edward.
“Who is she?”

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