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Monday, 17 December 2018


I go about my work the same as always.
Somehow the noise and the crowd in the bar makes me forget what happened.
It's in those quiet moments that if my myself staring into space.
That’s why I prefer going to work.
Hopefully, that bastard won't have the gall to show his face here.
And right on time, guess who I see walking in?
I try to calm the rapid beating of my heart and bravely put on a smile on my face.
Act casual! Treat him like any other customer who came here!” I admonish myself.
I approach him casually.
“Good evening sir!” and put on my brightest smile as I casually walk past him.
I’m actually on my way to the kitchen to get some of the orders.
He seems confused by my greeting.
Maybe he thought I wouldn’t talk to him after all that happened.
He put out a hand to stop me.
I calmly look at him and ask….
“Yes sir? Anything I can do for you sir?”
There goes his confused look again.
“If you don’t have anything else to say sir I have to go and get the customers’ orders.” I say still smiling at him.
“Damn it, Mary Dale! Stop calling me sir!” he says in frustration.
“I’m sorry sir but it would be very rude of me to call you anything but sir.” I look at his hand on my arm as if willing him to let go of it.
He runs his hand through his hair in frustration.
He opens his mouth as if to speak but decided against it.
A woman suddenly approach him.
She links her arms with Edwards’s.
“Edward! Can we just go to another place? This place looks so cheap!” she says in disgust while looking at Mary Dale.
Mary Dale got irked by what she said.
Cheap? Is she talking about the bar or me?” she thought to herself.
She’s probably right!
Both the bar and me are cheap!
She feels that ache in her chest again.
“This place is not cheap Elizabeth!” Edward told the woman beside her.
Ah….so she’s he one he’s going to marry! No wonder he couldn’t wait to get rid of me! I mean, who wouldn’t? Elizabeth is very beautiful and looks so expensive!”
“If there’s nothing else sir I still have work to do!” sh smiles and leave.
Edward no longer stops her.
He couldn’t with Elizabeth by her side.
He would have waited to talk to Mary Dale and explain.
Explain what Edward? He asked himself.
That you love her and yet you are going to marry someone else?”

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