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Saturday, 15 December 2018

My Personal Taste (18+) Episode 15

*Kelly's point of view continues*
As i drove on, with the girl laying at the back sit,
I pondered on where to take her to.
My house?
Ofcos not, that's foolish.
Im not a doctor.
yeah, hospital then.
That's the only place i can take her to.
I can't risk taking her to my house.
Then the sneezed.
I turned and she was awake, back and her eyes are opened but are dull.
She rubbed her eyes and looked around.
She must be suprised to see herself in a car.
She looked at me, I turned and focused on the
“Who are you?” She asked.
Like what the hell!?
“Really, you can actually talk huh?” I asked her, with a little annoyance.
“Okay, why did you save me?” She questioned.
What a question!
So she could actually remember.
“Because you had to collapse right there in my face. So what should i have done, leave you
there huh?” Her question is so annoying.
She was silent.
“So i shouldn't have saved you huh?” She remained silent. That annoyed me.
“Maybe i should have left you there to die or probably get raped to coma.”
Saying that reminded me of my sister. But i had to say that. Who stays silent on someone who just saved her!
“Hey, don't talk to me in such manner!” She said.
“You don't fucking rudely talk to someone who just saved your damn ass from some bad guys!”
I yelled.
“Like seriously. When the hell did i beg you to save me!?” She yelled back.
Really? Alright then.
“Fine. Fuck outta my car.” I said and stopped the car.
I don't know her reaction, her expression because i didn't look back.
But her silence was long.
She seem to be thrown aback by what i said, or maybe she's thinking.
“Hey, get down.” I said.
I don't know if i meant my actions or not but I got to teach the wide mouth a lesson. Who on earth yells at someone that just saved her from
Then, she cleared her throat.
What for?
“Okay, please im sorry. Im gonna be stranded if I get down from this car.” She said calmly.
I inhaled.
“Please..” She begged.
After few seconds of thinking whether to get her out of my car or just go on to help her.
Well, I finally drove on.
To help her.
“Thank you.” She said.

***** **

“Why were you out there in the street at such time of the night?” I asked her.
I waited for her answer but she was silent. Again!
What's up with her and silence!
“Can you just speak!” I said.
“My boyfriend.” She said.
I chuckled.
“What happened?” I asked.
“Came to see him and...and i met him cheating on me.” She said, her voice gloomy.
Oh! Heartbroken like me..
“Really, but why did you have to see your boyfriend so late in the night?” I asked.
“Because i came from Delta state down here, Arrived late but met him with.. with.. with” Then she burst into a cry.
She reminded me of Sugar.
That bitch.
How could i have been so foolish to love her.
“I've been such a fool all this while.” She cried.
I don't know what to say to her,
So i just drove on.

** *** *
*Rose's point of view*
I cried as memories of what i saw in Jonny's room,
What i saw him doing flashed uncontrollably in my head
I couldn't hold myself from crying so much and this guy didn't care if i was crying out.
He is fucking rude but he didn't care if i was disturbing him with my cries.
I looked at him.
I haven't even seen his face.
I was at the back sit and he was at the driver sit. His back at me.
I shut my eyes.
What if he hadn't come. I would have been raped. He was right.
I would have been raped by two thiefs i don't even know.
I shook my head.
God! I don't want to think of what would have become of me after.
That would have been a painful memory that I wouldn't be able to forget in my whole life.
This guy came and saved me.
I know i shouldn't have rudely talked to him, but i was sad, angry.
He was mocking me even though he saved me.
He was yelling, and i hate to be yelled at.
I hate to be reminded of my mistakes.
He got to a white gate, big and tall And I saw three security men walk forward.
One of the men walked to his car window and he wind down the glass.
I saw the man's face glow immediately.
“Mr Kelly!” The man called, smiling broadly.
That name sound familiar.
“Patrick.” the Kelly called.
“You're really late today.” Patrick said and took a glance at the back sit where i am.
He smiled at Kelly, “I understand man.” He said.
Understand what really.
“It's 1:30am.. Please sign.” Patrick said and  gave Kelly a book and a pen.
Kelly did.
Patrick smiled.
“Im good to go?”Kelly asked.
“You're good to go man..” Patrick said.
Seconds later, Kelly handed him something.
Patrick smile widened.
“Aby..Zak.. open the estate gate.”Patrick said to the other two security men.
“Thank you Mr Kelly.” Patrick said happily to Kelly.
Kelly nodded and drove into a paradise mistooken for an estate.
“Wow” I gasped. I don't know how it escaped my lips.
“What's that?” He asked as he turned to look at me.
Then i saw his face.
He's so handsome and...
Is this not Kelly. Kelly Ejifor.  Aunty Caro's bobo?
Oh my goodness!
I gasped with my mouth wide open.
I quickly covered it with my hands.
I was too astonished.
This is Kelly Ejifor. Aunty Caro showed me his pictures, I even saved one on my phone!
This should be a joke right. A very big joke.
“Hey, why staring at me like that?” He said and I flinched.
“Eh?” I asked, pretending not to hear him.
“I said why staring at me like that? You staring
at me.” He repeated.
He was focusing on his driving tho, but still was taking ocassional glances at me.
I cleared my throat. “ fine.. Just too amazed at such a
beautiful estate. The houses. This is a paradise.” I said.
But damn it! This estate looked so cool and beautiful.
So expensive.
But again, I can't believe this is Kelly Ejifor,
Driving me to his house.
How on earth didn't i see this all this while.
That he is the one who saved me.
Someone Aunty Caro couldn't meet.
What sort of coincidence is this?
Or is this not Kelly?
God, i need to be sure.
“Ah!” I yelled just to get him to look at me once more.
And he did.
Oh my God! it's him.
“ fine.” I smiled.
He looked away with a frown. “Be quiet please.” He said.


He stopped at a cute white gate and he stepped down.
He walked over to the gate and opened it.
“Wow.. this must be his house” I said.
“But don't he have a gateman?”
He probably doesn't.
Must be one of those guys who love to live
He walked back into the car and drove in.
Into the house.
No, the mansion.
Because that is the only word i can use for such
a big house as this one before me.
“My house.” He said and got down.
I did same.
I stared at him.
Kelly Ejifor!
I can't believe i had to meet this guy.
He doesn't have an idea that i'm caroline's
He walked to his door and i followed at his back.
He got out a small remote and pressed and the door unlocked.
He opened it and walked in, leaving it to me to close. I did.
I was stunned by the beauty and expensiveness of this house, the sitting-room.
The couch, the sofas, the TV, the curtains, the chandelier, the tables. The
I admired everything.
There are art frames hanging on the walls and pictures of him and some few others i guess is his family.
They are really beautiful and expensive.
I love the way everything was arranged.
This guy is super rich.
“I'll show you to a room, so you can freshen up and rest.” He said to me.
I looked at myself. I look dirty and full of dust.
“Im sorry, I have nothing to change into.” I said.
I've never been this stranded before.
I've lost my bag where i had my clothes, and my money.
I've lost my phone too.
God, this is so unfair!
He looked at me from my head, down to my feet.
“Come with me.” He said.
I nodded and followed him up the stairs, taking few glances back to admire such a beautiful living-room.


*Kelly's point of view*

I stopped at one of the guest rooms.
She could stay here.
“You'll stay here tonight.” I said to her.
“Thank you. Im grateful.” She said.
“I'll go get you a clothe.” I said and walked out.
I walked into my room, and went through my wardrobe.
What clothe do i give to her to wear?
I have no idea.
I searched.
Then, I found one of my pyjamas.
I took it and walked out.
I got to her door and saw it closed.
I rolled my eyes.
I don't know why i got upset'cos of that.
I knocked.
“Please come in.” She said.
I opened the door and walked in.
She was sitting at the edge of the bed.
“Here. Manage this one.” I said.
Do she have a choice anyway?
“Thank you.” She smiled and took it.
“Im heading to my room to sleep. You can do
same when you're done.” I said and turned to
walk out.
She stopped me.
“Please im so hungry. Can i get something to eat please?” She asked.
I turned,“Im sorry but i don't have food in the house. I don't cook.” I said.
I saw her face go pale.
She must be very hungry.
“Okay. I'll get you some juice. You can manage that till morning when i'll order some food.” I said.
“Please add water too. Thank you.” She said.
What a request!
I walked out.
You're leaving tomorrow morning anyway!

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