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Saturday, 15 December 2018

MY PERSONAL TASTE (18+) Episode 11


*Kelly's point of view*
I was out on a date with Sugar..
Can you believe that?
I can't believe actually myself..
This was the first time i've ever took a girl out on a date.
But Sugar had made me do it..
Since the day i set my eyes on her, I developed a strange feeling which i never had before..
Mom said it's love..
But i don't really understand what love is all about, but all I know is that I crave for Sugar, i want to have her around me.
I want to watch her smile and laugh and wink.
I want to feel her.
And thinking about her, makes me miss her.
Have I ever missed someone in my life?
Hell! That was only Kate my twin sister, when i lost her.
I can say that Sugar have occupied a space in my heart.
I want her.
But i find it hard to say it out.
Because i'm afraid i would end up dumping her. And that would cause so much trouble.
Because i don't know if i would be able to love her for long, for ever.
I don't even know if what i feel for her is really love.
or Lust.
But Sugar seen so sweet and..and i just wanna try to love her.
To appreciate the beauty of love.
That same day that i got back from the hospital.
I texted Caroline,
I told her the truth and i apologised.
Didn't know what pushed me to tell her it's over. We can't see again,
but i felt my fingers type them and sent to her.
I know i've started to feel that word 'love.
Sugar had clouded my thoughts.
She makes me go crazy.
Her smiles.
She is hot!
I want to say that i love Sugar..
I just hope i love her for so much long.
“So tell me, What do you love doing?” I.asked her as we were having our dinner date.
She took a sip from the cup of wine in her hand and still holding the glass cup in her hand, away from her lips,
“Well, i love to travel to new exciting places. I love to have fun, and meet new people.” She said.
“Wow..” I said,.
“What about you?” She asked.
I love sex.
I chuckled silently.
“I love my mom. I love to travel as well. I love sports and reading. And i..i love you Sugar.” I said.
This was the first time i was saying the truth about it.
She smiled.
“Thanks..” She said
“Sugar..Can you tell me about your childhood?” Something pushed me to say that.
Looking at her felt like i was looking at Kate.
“Well, wasn't really fun filled. I was always indoors, locked up.” She said.
“Locked up?” I asked.
“Yeah. My parents were afraid to loose me. Then my dad was in a big trouble with a powerful man and the man threatened to kill me. For ten years i was always locked up in the house. Didn't go to school all that time. My dad employed a teacher who taught me at home.” She said.
“Oh my God..” I exclaimed.
I thought all this stuff only happen in movies.
“Yeah. So can you tell me about yourself?” She asked.
“Im Kelly Ejifor..”
“Oh i know that.” She laughed.
“Im was a twin before Kate left.”
“Your sister?” She asked, suprised.
“Oh my God.. so sorry about that.” She said.
“Its okay.. It's fifteen years now. I've gotten over it.” I said.
“I never had any.. So i don't really know how it feels to loose one.” She said.
“Shh..lets not spoil this awesome dinner.” I said.
She smiled.
“Can you guess my age?” I asked, trying to lighten the moment.
She smiled.
She is always smiling.
She raised eyebrows,“Uhm..twenty seven?” She said.
“Twenty eight. You're good at that.” I said.
She smiled, touching the tip of the glass cup at her lower lip.“Im twenty-five.” She said.
“Three years gap isn't that much, you know..” I laughed.
She laughed too.
“Hmm..I like here.” She said, taking her eyes around the rich and well decorated restaurant.
I smiled.
I did a good internet search before i found it.
I know Sugar would love beautiful, classic and expensive things just the way she is. And i would never want to disappoint her.
Mom told me this restaurant would be perfect for our date.
Yeah, mom did.
She seem to be the happiest mother to know that her son is trying to love someone..
She say she can't wait for me to propose to Sugar and then we get married.
But even though i wanna love Sugar..
Im still scared to get into marriage.
I fucking hate that word!
I looked into Sugar's eyes..
They are so cute and charming.
Maybe i can make her my wife afterall.
“Do you like my eyes. You've been staring at them?” She asked, smiling.
“Yeah.. Sugar i really love everything about you.”
“Have you ever loved someone?” She asked.
I was thrown aback by her question.
It was my Sister.
She was my all.
My best friend..
But some girls..
Some fucking girls she called her friends ganged up and arranged some guys and they raped my sister to coma.
She died after three days.
That is the main reason for my act.
The main reason why i live my life messing other girls up.
“Kelly..” Sugar called and i looked up at her.
Can i trust her to tell her about what really happened to my sister?
Even though i love her now..
I cant!
“Sugar.. I've loved only one girl in my life.” I said.
“Who?” She asked, staring back at me.
“My ex.” I lied
She smiled, “That's fine.”
“Thanks for making my dinner a wonderful one, Sugar..” I said to her as we got to her door step.
“Oh thats okay..It was fun. But why don't you get in huh?” She asked me, smiling.
No.. i don't want to try doing anything stupid.
I tried to talk but she dragged me in and shut the door behind.
My blood rushed.
She wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me.
Her lips were sweet.
I wanted to just grab her that moment but i held myself.
I am too scared to touch her.
To do anything.
Is that how people feel when they are inlove?
Or maybe im scared of dumping her ass after having sex with her?
I know doing that sure is gonna cause troubles.
She dragged me to a couch and gently pushed me onto it.
She smiled and winked at me.
Giving me those seducing smiles.
Im trying to hold back myself but this girl really want this.
If only she have a clue of what i do after having sex with every girl.
I dump them!
And im scared of dumping her.
I don't want to!
I love her.
Now, i know what it means to love someone.
I never thought i could be inlove.
Sugar climbed over me and covered her lips in mine again, this time it was passionate and flaming and i felt myself loosing.
Then i could feel her long fingers on my shirt, undoing the buttons.
God! no..
I released my lips and she looked suprised.
“Sugar.. please.. we shouldn't do this.” I said.
It took the whole power in me to say that.
I loved sex.
And i've been wanting it.
But im afraid to have sex with Sugar.
Im scared of loosing her.
“Kelly, why?” She asked. She was right in the mood.
“We love each other Kelly. I love youu..” She said.
“Sugar, don't you think we...”
Don't you think we should hold on..
This was what i was about to ask. But she put her finger on my lips.
“Shh.. Don't say anything..Let's enjoy this moment..” She whispered.
“Now.. don't just watch me.. Help me off with mine pls baby..” She winked before taking my shirt off and just as her hands went down to my bulge.
I lost it.
We had sex.

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