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Saturday, 22 December 2018


The next few days was hectic for Charles.. he always got angry seeing his sister with another guy…. and one day he did something that surprised everyone….. He pulled his sister away from Micheal when Michael was about to kiss her.. Everyone was surprised about what he did….. Charles that never cared about what his sister was doing and who she was doing it with is now the person that did a thing like this… he felt ashamed of himself when it turned out that everyone was looking at him…. he walked out of the hall and went home…
that evening at home Ella came to him and sat beside him on his bed and he asked her…

Charles : what do you want?

Isabella : can you explain to me why you did that in school.

Charles : (he quickly thought of something then said ) why would you want to kiss a guy in front of the whole school, even if he is your boyfriend.. do u know what some people would be saying and what if he dumps you someday and then it will be that he has used you and dumped you… so you should think before you act.

Isabella took that as a good reason and then asked

Isabella : but when did you start caring about me?

Charles :mum asked me to take care of you cause its my responsibility

Isabella : its your first time

Charles : are you going to ask me if am jealous again?

Isabella : maybe

Charles : live my room

Isabella : why?

Charles : cause you have no important thing to tell me

Isabella : oops his real self is back… am living

she left the room and Charles asked himself

Charles : why am i feeling this way? should I tell mum about this or am i inlove with my sister, noway

he shook the thoughts off and said "
am just looking out for her.. everyone can do that for there only sister (he sighed and lied down in his bed.

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