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Saturday, 22 December 2018


Immediately everyone heard the bell for dismissal they all started going home….. Charles went out to look for Isabella so that they would go home together just like his mother instructed him before he came to school….. he came across a lonely place at the back of their school and he heard voices and decided to check if his sister was there and surprisingly he saw her with one the guys in her school named Micheal and suddenly he got jealous on noticing them…. right that minute he felt like going over there and pushing his sister away from Micheal but he got hold of himself and decided to go home….. and still thinking why he felt that way… and he also noticed that he has been feeling that way lately whenever he saw his sister with a guy.. he pushed the thoughts away and went home…

*at home*

Isabella came home and met her brother at home and asked him

Isabella : i thought that mum said that we should be coming home together

Charles : yeah but it seemed like you were busy and that’s why I left

Isabella : busy with what?

Charles : with your boyfriend Micheal !

Isabella : so you saw us?

Charles : yeah

Isabella : and you didn’t call me and just left like that

Charles : thought you will be happy that I left you alone

Isabella : were you angry seeing me with him

Charles : what the f**k are you talking about?

Isabella : or where you jealous?

the last question strucked him hard and he wad dumb founded and finally managed to say

Charles : why in the world will i be jealous cause I saw you with a guy… am your brother incase if you have forgotten.

he left for his room

Isabella : why did i ask him that?

he was right.. she forgot for a while that she was speaking with her brother….. she sighed and went into her own room….

next episode coming up

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