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Monday, 17 December 2018


I went to a youth conference at the Lekki in Lagos. After the event, I decided to go and relax at the beach. There I made new friends, Moses – a tall dark boy with bulging pockets. I don’t know what he puts in there. In fact, he is a talkative; and Timothy- a Lagos boy that uses slangs to show that he has swag. Actually Timothy is of average height, and he is chocolate.I am fair and 5 feet 6 inches tall. I think my complexion makes me to stick out like a sore thumb. We actually discovered that we are all of the same age.
The three of us are all thirty years of age; all of us single and searching. Already Moses and Timothy have girlfriends but you know what I mean. I guess we are enjoying our bachelor life. We don’t want the fun to end. Timothy has his own clothing business in Surulere. Moses works in an office where they sell and repair computers. And me? Don’t worry; you will get the gist later.
It was around four in the evening in the month of February. The weather is cool to my taste. I went for a swim near the shore and as I was coming out from the water, I saw her……
Our eyes met instantly and I felt that electricity all over me. She was relaxing under the evening sun with just bra and bikini. Her golden hair cascaded over her shoulders down her tanned skin. Just looking at her almost made me to fall back inside the water. I have never seen a girl as beautiful and angelic as her. She was fair with eyes that made her look so gorgeous and delicious….
I came out of the water, still looking at her.
“Omo, this beauty no be from this Lekki ooo,” said Timothy.
“Martin, what are you waiting for?Go for it,” Moses said as he urged me.
I looked at him.
“Yes, you made it obvious; you have been staring at her like you are in a trance,” Moses added.
Must you spell it out? I said in my mind.
“But seriously, she’s hot. Look at her waist. Kim Kardashian,” Timothy added with his new slang. His eyes were on her. In fact all eyes in the beach were on her.
Omo, I have to take action before someone else does. This sun was fading slowly. I put on my red polo as I started walking towards the object of my attraction.
Omo, my confidence hasgone; I don’t even know what to say when I meet her.I struggled to walk as a feeling of shyness swept over me. I wobbled over the peach of sand and almost fell down in front of her. I gained my balance immediately, then our eyes met again and I couldn’t speak.
I was just there, staring at her. It was as if the daze of her beauty put me in a trance.
She looked curiously polite at me with loving eyes, and I felt weak.
Then she broke the awkward silence.
“Hi, are you a tourist guide or are you lost?”
Omo see jamb question.As a correct guy, I smiled and replied, “No, I do come here often to loosen up. The sun is fading, I felt like I will be able to see the beauty of the sunset as it reflects over the scenery better from your side. I hope you don’t mind.”
“Not at all. It’s true, it’slovely to watch it from here,” she said as her smile melted my heart.
“I am Samantha Menziwa from South Africa and you are-”
Omo, see class.
“I am Christopher Ayodele. My friends call me Chris.”
To Be Continued…

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