Thursday, 20 December 2018


I prayed throughout the night to God to perform a miracle. As early as 7am in the morning, Caleb came to pick me up to his home. Immediately I entered the sitting room with Caleb, I saw Mr and Mrs Bentum seated with the Praso doctor. Hello Kukua! I am so happy you have finally revealed your identity to this family. But Mrs Bentum, you didn't try at all, after so many months of wanting to know who donated her kidney to you, you should have at least informed me when you finally found her. The doctor happily spoke. I tried to stop him with my facial expressions, but he was too busy to notice. What? Kukua you? Are you the one who donated your kidney to my mother? Caleb asked in shock. Speak up Kukua, are you the one? Mr Bentum asked. Aaaahhh! So you all didn't know? God, what have I just done? The doctor remorsefully screamed. Slowly, I went down on my knees. I am sorry mummy and daddy, I am sorry for not informing you before. Caleb please talk to your parents not to be mad at me, I had no evil intentions. I pleaded. Mrs Bentum stood up from the couch, and walked towards me in tears. Get up my daughter, I should rather be kneeling down to apologize to you. I should be apologizing for the harsh treatment I have been giving you. Kukua I am sorry, I didn't know you were different from all the poor people that caused my family and I pain. She spoke sadly and held me unto my feet. Mr Bentum joined her in hugging me. We all shed tears of joy for the union. Slowly, Caleb also went down on his knees. What is it Caleb? What are you apologizing for? I sadly asked. Kukua, will you marry me? I stared so deep into his eyes in tears. I turned around, and I could see my parents smiling at the corner. I smiled in between my tears too. Yes Caleb, I will marry you. I responded happily. Curtis wheeled himself to the scene in ecstasy. Bro, you have indeed found a wife, and I pray, I get a woman like her who will make me proud like you. He happily stated. The entire family applauded us for the strong love we've shared and have held on to, over the years, in spite of the ups and downs. Doris prepared a sumptuous meal to complete the joy. Kukua, you are really a blessing. Your God is stronger than your enemies. She happily stated. Yes Doris, after the poisonous dinner with the wolves, He gave me an antidote to neutralize the poison. My enemies failed, and God Almighty won. I happily responded. Caleb and I tied the knot a month afterwards, and the Bentum family established a big restaurant of my dreams for me, as a thank you for the life and hope I have given their family. I had lots of workers working under me as the CEO. Kukua, I knew someday, your dreams would come to pass. Thanks for choosing my heart as your home. Thanks for being true and genuine. Caleb happily stated when he came out from his office to pick me up for shopping. Immediately we got to the compound of the work premises, I saw the security guards forcing a woman and her daughter out. What is it? Why are you pushing them? I asked. Madam they are here to eat, but they don't have money. They explained. No, don't push them, they look hungry, and they must eat something. I responded. Caleb please, let me personally order the caterers to serve her. I added. Caleb and I walked the woman and her daughter into the restaurant and served them with Rice and fish sauce. We stayed by them till they finished eating. Afterwards, we escorted them out of the premises. Kukua, I can't believe you still have this kind heart, after all the stress you've been through in life. The woman spoke. You know me? I asked. Yes Kukua, I can see you, but it is unfortunate you cannot even recognize me. She responded. Please who are you? I nervously asked. This is Mina, your friend back at training school. Agyei's new wife. She responded. I can't believe this! Mina! What happened to you? Why have you changed like this? Where is Agyei? I screamed in shock. Agyei died about three months ago, and he left me a daughter to take care of. She responded. Agyei dead? What happened to him? Mina talk to me! I screamed. He died out of HIV\AIDS. And as I speak to you, my daughter and I are infected. She responded in tears. Agyei was a health worker, so why would he die out of a condition that can be managed with drugs? I asked in shock. Agyei refused to take the drugs, for fear of stigmatization among his peers. He as well prevented my daughter and I from taking the drugs. Kukua, as you can see, I am in the last stage of the condition and my family has rejected me. What I am waiting for right now is death. She explained in tears. No Mina, you don't have to die, please let's go to the hospital. I pleaded sadly. You have done enough for me by feeding my daughter and I this afternoon. I am grateful for that, but the hospital, I'm sorry, I won't go. She responded. Kukua, please let me seize this opportunity to apologize to you for all the pain I caused you years back. Indeed, your God is strong. He punished Sarah, Agyei, myself and Mr Kwakye. She pleaded sadly. Mr Kwakye? What happened to him? I asked. He was caught red handed by his wife, making love to one of the students in his office and eventually got sacked. She responded. Oh! That poor wife of his has so much suffered. I responded sadly. Mina, please enough of this house talks, let's go to the hospital. I insisted. No Kukua, I don't want your God to strike me dead anytime soon, I must at least live for a while to ask for forgiveness from those I have offended. She responded sadly and walked away. I stared at her in tears and sorrow. Kukua please let's go, at least, you've tried. She is old enough to know what she wants, let's not force her. Caleb consoled. Life is not easy when there are lots of WOLVES involved. It becomes more dangerous when you do not only mingle with the WOLVES but dines with them. But with Christ in the boat, we always smiles at the storms outside, for it is written in Luke 10:3 that "Go your ways, behold I send you forth as lambs among wolves" We serve a God, that fears no Wolves, A God, that sends us among the WOLVES because he knows we can conquer them. 

THE END!!!!!

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