Thursday, 20 December 2018


I quickly stood up and hugged him but he held me so tight, not wanting to free me. Let go off me Emrys! What is wrong with you? I pushed him off and asked. I'm sorry Kukua, I didn't mean to upset you. He responded shamefully. He drove me back home without uttering a word to me. Emrys, once again, I am very grateful for your time and everything towards my graduation. God bless you. I said. You too Kukua, have a good night. He responded and drove off. Early the following morning, Emrys came visiting again. Emrys why this early visit? Didn't you go to work? I asked. I was on my way when I remembered that, your phone might not be lost after all. He said. What do you mean by that Emrys? I asked. I think I saw you putting the phone in one of the bags containing your cosmetics. He responded. How? Because I very well remember putting it in my hand bag. I argued. Why don't you go in there and confirm, rather than arguing? He asked. Quickly, I entered the room and brought out all my bags. I search through them and I found the phone in the exact bag Emrys talked about. I can't believe this! Emrys, how come you suddenly remembered? I asked. That is because I always have you in mind like Caleb would do. I was thinking about the type of phone to buy for you and I somehow remembered you putting the phone in that bag. He explained. I quickly unlocked the phone and it was unfortunately switched to a silent mode and Caleb had called like 100times. I am not understanding this at all Emrys, I don't switch my phone to silent, so how come it is? I worriedly asked. I don't know how Kukua, you should be thanking me instead of interrogating me like some sort of thief. Emrys responded unhappily. I'm sorry Emrys, I didn't mean it that way, please forgive me. Anyway thanks once again. I apologized quickly. I will see you later Kukua. I wish you the best post university life. He stated and drove away. I quickly returned Caleb's call. Hello Kukua, what happened? Why haven't you been answering my calls? He sadly asked. I'm sorry Caleb, it wasn't my fault. I narrated everything from start to finish to him. How the phone got lost, and how I miraculously found it. I've heard you Kukua, I was calling to inform you that, I will be in Ghana in two days. I simply can't wait to see you. He announced. Wow! I'm so happy to hear this. I screamed happily. Should I wait for you to come before I give you the details of the graduation or you want it now? I asked. Currently, I am escorting daddy to the office and it wouldn't be so polite to be on phone whiles we drive there. I will have time to listen to everything when I come. He responded. We happily hanged up. In two days as promised, Caleb arrived. Together with Emrys and the other friend, except for one of them whom they said had also gone back to the States the previous day to have his wedding, we went to the airport to meet Caleb. I was all over Caleb. He looked more handsome even though he went for medical care. Kukua, you look priceless. He complimented. And I will tell you how you look when we get home. I playfully responded. We drove to his house in ecstasy. Welcome home bro, glad to see you fit and sound. Curtis welcomed. Glad to see you too kid bro. Curtis, let me tell you this before I forget, dad and mom says I should tell you to prepare for their relocation. They have less than a year to come back home permanently. That means, you won't have that chance of bringing your numerous girls into this house. Caleb teasingly informed. I have heard you bro, but what is this lady doing in this house again? Curtis responded and pointed his finger at me. This lady? Curtis, is that the best answer you should be giving me? Caleb angrily asked. Bro, I thought dad told you never to allow her into this house. Curtis unhappily responded. How dare you Curtis! How dare you try to spoil my mood? Caleb angrily asked. Calm down guys, this is nothing to argue about. For God's sake Caleb, you just returned from a long trip. One of Caleb's friends intervened. Caleb, there are lots of work in the office, I will see you after I am done with them. Emrys informed and drove away. Eeerrrmm Caleb, I will like to go home and wait for you there, my presence shouldn't cause problems between you two. I sadly stated and walked out of the house. Kukua wait for me! Let me put my bags down and follow you. Caleb called. No Caleb, not now. There is something urgent I must tell you, and trust me, it can't wait. It is between life and death. His other friend said. Really, Kukua, please I will join you later okay? Be safe for me. Caleb said. I walked out of the house and picked a taxi home. Life and death? What could that be? I thought as I got home.

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