Thursday, 20 December 2018


I wish you could call mum to find out how I am doing but, she wouldn't take it lightly with you on the phone. Please stay safe for me. He spoke sadly. The following week, Emrys visited. Hello Kukua, glad to see you after a very long time. He happily said. Yeah Emrys, I've been around, just that you guys don't visit me. I playfully responded. I'm sorry dear, it has always been work work work work! I am working so hard for my boss Caleb to pave way for him to have enough time for you. He playfully spoke. Anyway Kukua, you have gained so much weight, what have you been eating that you don't invite me? He asked. Come on Emrys, it is not good to be fat. I am even trying my very best to reduce weight. I responded. Why would you do that? You look good in this shape, your butts are wide and thick, your hips have expanded and your boobs are standing beautifully. I don't see why you don't want it this way. He complimented. Eeerrrmm Emrys, so what are the plans you talked about? How are we attending the graduation? I dismissed his question with a better conversation. I want us to hire somebody to cook variety of foods for the occasion. That alone should cost like 2000cedis. And we will also get some drinks as well as taking you to shop classic clothes to fit all these assets you've got. He narrated. Emrys, Caleb isn't feeling too well, and I wish we aren't doing all these. Can you please boycott this program and help me lie to him on his return that I wasn't feeling well? I asked. I can't do that Kukua, since when did you start thinking of lying to the man who has always been there for you? Besides, this is Caleb's greater wish of seeing you in a graduation gown, why can't you sacrifice your emotions to grant his wishes? He responded unhappily. I have heard you Emrys, anything for Caleb. I responded. I must start going now Kukua, but I will be back to help exercise your body for the dress for the occasion. He said. I can do it myself Emrys. I responded. Kukua, I am working under Caleb's instructions, he wants everything to be perfect on that day. He responded and walked away. I tried calling Caleb to inform him but his mother answered the call. Hello who is on the line? She asked. Mummy please may I speak with Caleb? I responded. I know you want to speak with Caleb that is why you called his cell phone, and I am asking who you are. She harshly responded. Mummy this is Kukua. I responded in fear. Kukua? What do you want from my son, after making him fall sick with your bad luck? She yelled. Mummy please, I know Caleb is sick that is why I called to check up on him. Please give the phone to him. I pleaded sadly. How dare you instruct me? Because of a miserable person like you, I should give the phone to my sleeping son to disturb his sleep? Are you mad? She angrily shouted. Anyway, he has been placed on a three weeks rest, so, his phone will be far away from him for a very long time, and because he has undergone a surgery, he won't be able to walk out to get any means of reaching you. So you see, you have a long way to go before hearing from him. If I were you, I would have focused on my life instead of a supposed love that will not work. She added harshly and hanged up. I tried calling back severally, but the phone was switched off. Caleb please wake up and talk to me. Wherever you are, please wake up. I soliloquised in tears. Later the next day, Emrys came back into my house. Emrys, what are you doing here this late? Have you heard from Caleb? I asked. Why? haven't you heard from him? He asked back. Not yet Emrys, I am so sad. Please talk to me, what did he say? I asked. Well, he is responding to treatment, and he asked me to come here to help you exercise for the program. He responded. What form of exercise? Why is Caleb so much particular about this graduation? I asked unhappily. I even don't know Kukua. I was almost sleeping when he called me with his mothers phone to come here. He responded. Alright then, let's make it swift so that you can go back home, it is almost 10pm. I stated unhappily and went inside the bedroom to wear my jogging suit. Emrys stood behind me and began helping me lift my arms. I exercised for minutes until I began disliking the turn it had taken. He began rubbing his manhood against my butts, and at a point, touched my boobs unawares. Emrys, I think we've exercised enough, you must get going now. I stated. Sure honey, I will see you tomorrow. Take good care of yourself, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to train you for this occasion. He responded happily, picked his phone from the dinning table, and walked away. God, what kind of problem at all is this? What type of graduation is Kukua Nancy going to have that needs special exercise and training? I thought unhappily.

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