Saturday, 15 December 2018


Kukua, everything is fine. Please save the date, my wedding is next week Saturday, and you must be there. He responded and drove away. What has happened to Caleb? Why is he looking and sounding miserable? I thought. I worried for a while but Awuah kept calling to cheer me up. Kukua when are you coming back? He asked Very soon Awuah, I have my brother's wedding to attend this coming Saturday, I will be there afterwards. I responded. Days later, Caleb came visiting. Hello my wedding brother, how far with the preparations? I happily asked. Kukua, you seem very happy lately, what is the reason? He asked. Eeeerrrmmm Caleb, we will talk about that after your wedding, but in the mean time, let me give you a gist, I have this new friend called Awuah, he is such a nice person. I responded. He is the one who bought you the new phone right? He asked. Yes Caleb, he is. I responded. I see. Anyway, I came to give you a new dress and shoes for the wedding. I bought the same but different color for Doris too. He stated and handed the bag of dress and shoes to me. Thanks so much my brother. God bless you in everything you do. I happily responded. Kukua, there is a prayer I want you to say for me any day you go on your knees to talk to God. Please tell him to bring me happiness like he has given you. He stated emotionally. Caleb what is it? I thought you already have happiness, for the fact that, you have everything at your disposal and about to marry the woman of your dreams. I responded. Kukua, look down within your heart, and you will realise I am not as happy as you claim. I just need your prayers, that's all. I must get going now, there are lots of preparations going on in the house, which I ought to be part. Mum and Dad have also returned from the states with visitors, plenty of them. So has Afrakoma's parents. He narrated. I will see you there on Saturday Kukua, please, don't disappoint me. He said. God, truly I know Caleb isn't a happy man. I believe his instincts are hunting him on this wedding, but unfortunately, it is too late for him to realise who Afrakoma truly is. I pray to you O God, to change Afrakoma's evil heart towards Caleb. I prayed sadly. Finally, the day for the wedding came. I dressed up and went to the church premises. It was a sight to behold. Well decorated place, with numerous of classy people. A big screen mounted on the wall for heaven knows what. I stood behind the many people seated, since there was no vacant chair. There was massive security guard. About 10policemen guarding the place. Soon, the program began. Cally majestically walked into the church with her maids. Their dresses were sparkling. Caleb on the other looked like gold. In fact, the place was full of beautiful things. The couple began vowing. Caleb was asked to make the first vow, since that was the norm but he pleaded to give a speech first. I am so happy for this day. A day where all these beautiful people will know how lucky I have been. Afrakoma and I have known ourselves for the past three years, through thick and thin, we've sailed through everything together. She was a sweet woman until I found out that, she is a liver dipped in bitter bile. She is a woman with the heart of a wicked animal. Afrakoma is the definition of wickedness. She is the shame of my family. Caleb insulted. People began to murmur in dismay. God, what has come over Caleb? Why these insults? I thought. Technicians, in order for everyone to understand my harsh and disappointing words to this shameless bride standing before me, please show to the entire congregation what a WOLF she is. He said. The technicians for the program began showing a video of Cally and Theo in a conversation in the kitchen. "Theo: Baby, I have gotten people who can pose as our parents like we discussed. Cally; wow my love, you are such a genius! Theo;Baby, there is something I want you to know, and that is, you must do everything possible to get all his properties changed into your name two months after this stupid wedding. Cally: Sure handsome, anything for you, but in the mean time, let me show some appreciation since that fool is sleeping from the usual drugged juice. They both began making vigorous love in the kitchen on the table. Cally: Thanks for fucking me this good everyday. I will make sure you fuck me even on my wedding night. End of the video. People began to scream in pain and I couldn't hide my tears. Now you see, everybody, you see the kind of animal I was about getting married to? I thank each and everyone of you here for your time, but I am as well sorry for the disappointment. Caleb spoke in tears. Police, please come inside and arrest these fraudsters including their fake parents from Europe. He ordered. Quickly, the policemen entered the premises and arrested Cally, Theo and their fake parents. Mrs Bentum wept bitterly as she hugged her son. People wept for Caleb, while others gossiped. I wished I could go and console Caleb, but for the fear of Curtis, I walked out of the premises in tears.

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