Saturday, 15 December 2018


Instantly, my jaw dropped. What should I say? I thought in fear. Kukua listen, I know you don't know me too well, but for once, you can take a risk in trusting me. She insisted. Me? Trust? The only person I ought to trust is God and not human. I thought. Kukua I am waiting, waiting to hear from you. Doris interrupted my thought. Doris, the truth is that, I didn't enter Theo's room. When I got to the door, I remembered an incidence of rape that happened to my bosom friend. That is why I changed my mind not to enter Theo's room. I lied. I understand you Kukua, but I know Theo is different. Anyway, premonitions should not be taken for granted. You did the right thing for trusting your instincts. Doris responded. Doris, I need to take some rest. My head is aching. I said. You are free to go Kukua, just rest for me. She responded and I hurried into my room. I wept my eyes out. Caleb is too good for this emotional agony. He is too God fearing to marry a woman who sleeps with another man right under his nose. I thought. How do I handle this? I simply can't watch Caleb get married to that demon of a woman. I thought further. I kept thinking through the issue helplessly. I hurt so deep anytime I saw Caleb hugging or kissing Cally before the entire family, as a sign of love. One afternoon, Mr and Mrs Bentum called the entire household for a meeting in the sitting room. Like we always do, our three months holidays is over and we will be leaving here tomorrow for the States. Mr Bentum began. We will come back for Caleb's wedding two weeks before the exact date. He added. Now the cook, dishwasher and cleaners, listen carefully. Our next trip will be full of visitors, so you must clean this house and maintain its beauty. Doris, you have to go online to learn new recipes. I will hire a temporal Chef from the states to come and help you cook. I don't want any embarrassments when he comes. Mr Bentum cautioned. And to you Kukua, since you are now on a payroll, I expect you to work without resting. One more thing, your dressing is embarrassing, you are too full of rags. I will give you 1000 cedis to change your wardrobe to suit this household. He said. Afrakoma, may we know if your parents will come from Europe? He asked. Eeerrrm yes daddy, they definitely have to come. She responded with lies. I turned to look at her lying lips in sorrow. Well, I am glad to hear that, since your parents have always been busy for a common familiarization with this family. Mr Bentum unhappily stated. In the absence of any add ups and questions, you are all dismissed from my presence. He added. I hurried into the kitchen to continue what I was doing. I stayed in the kitchen till 1am, thinking about what was going on in the house. Just when I was about walking leaving into my room, I heard footsteps. I quickly hid under the table to avoid being beaten by Curtis for no reason. Theo, what is wrong with you? Did you have to call me this late on phone? Do you want everything to backfire? It was Cally and Theo. I can't stand it any longer Afrakoma. Your stay in that room with Caleb can no longer be tolerated. Theo angrily responded as they both entered the kitchen. Theo, so if I had no drugged Caleb, you would have created a room for suspicions right? Cally asked. I don't care what you do with him. I even wish him dead right now! Theo angrily stated. Cut the nonsense Theo, and let's think about how best we will get people to act as our parents from Europe. Cally cut in. Count me out madam wedding planner. I have told you times without numbers that, I don't support this wedding. Theo responded. Come on Theo, I promise to give you 50000 Ghana Cedis after the wedding, but in the mean time, let me inject into you some happiness. Cally seductively stated and they both began making love. They made love for several minutes before stopping. Now answer me Theo, how do we get people to act as our parents? Cally asked again. I will hire people to do that for you Afrakoma. That is an easy task. He responded in smiles. Afrakoma, don't forget to drug him for the next few days, you and I need time together to plan the ways to extort more money after the wedding. Theo said. I will do as you say Theo, but in the mean time, this kitchen will be our meeting place for the next one week before the wedding. We need to plan as well as have quality time together. Cally responded. Why not my room Afrakoma? Theo asked. Don't forget your room is closer to Curtis', and he walks in there at will. We don't have to risk. Cally explained. Well understood my baby. Theo responded and they both walked out. I came out from my hideout and tiptoed into my room. This is my time to strike at this wicked people. I thought. Early the next morning, I woke up and walked pass the gym in the house where Caleb exercises before going to work. Good morning Caleb. I greeted. Come on here Kukua, we are in the same house but it's been days since I set my eyes on you. He responded happily. Caleb, I have lots of chores awaiting me, but there is something I want us to discuss at the place where you met me dozing after your friend had insulted me months ago. I said. Kukua, don't tell me you want me to help you reminisce your past. He said. No Caleb, I rather want us to loom into the future. Just meet me there at 11am. I stated and walked back in haste into the house.

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