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Saturday, 15 December 2018


I wept bitterly. I wish he was always with me, I wish his family had accepted me, I wish we were married. Years passed, and I was still praying towards a change from Mr and Mrs Bentum. One afternoon, I was walking to the market to buy foodstuffs when I saw some school children, making fun of a young mad lady. When I got a bit closer, the person looked like somebody I knew. Who is this familiar mad person? I thought and moved more closer. What? I can't believe this! Sarah? Is this you? I screamed. Go away! Do you know me? Foolish man! Useless man! Do you think you can kill me? She incoherently responded. God of mercy! I can't believe this! I simply can't. What happened to Sarah? And why has Agyei abandoned her on the streets? I soliloquised almost in tears. I couldnt proceed to the market. I went to look for young energetic guys to help me take her to the hospital. We forced her into a taxi and sent her to the hospital. I couldn't have abandoned Sarah to roam on the streets, because I know how it feels to be mad. I thought. God, what do I do now? Whom should I inform? I thought. Quickly, I called Caleb. Hello baby, how are you doing? I asked. Not so well Kukua, feeling extreme pain in my hip bone. That injury I spoke to you about in the hospital, remember? I still feel it. He bitterly complained. God this is serious. Caleb why don't you come so that I take you to the hospital? I asked in a worried voice. Kukua, I have tried almost all the hospitals in this country and it isn't working. Mum and Dad have suggested to fly me to the states to try our luck there. He explained. Really? So when are you leaving? I asked. I can't leave without seeing you my love. I will come over for us to agree on the date. He responded. That's okay, but Caleb, I have a problem at hand. I met a childhood friend who has run mad and was roaming on the streets. With the help of some good guys, I have taken her to the hospital. I narrated. Is it your childhood friend I know of or another? He asked unhappily. Yes it is her, It is Sarah. I responded. Kukua, do you want to incur troubles on yourself? Do you think her parents or any other person is going to appreciate you for this? They can even sue you. Caleb unhappily spoke. Caleb, I am not doing this for human glory, I am doing it for God. Besides, I don't think her parents are aware, because, the Sarah's parents I know, won't allow their daughter to walk mad on the streets. I explained. So what do you suggest we do? He asked. I want to travel to Buohia, my hometown, to inform her parents. I explained. Alright then, I will be there soon to give you a ride. He responded hastily and hanged up. No, Caleb is not feeling well, and I must not stretch him. I can just go with my car. I thought. In minutes, he came. Kukua if you are ready, let's go. He said. No Caleb, you ain't feeling well, I can drive myself there. I responded. No Kukua, I want to take you there, I don't want anybody to abuse you. He responded. I joined him in the car and we took off. In few minutes, we were in Buohia. We drove to Sarah's home and I met her mother seated in the compound. Good afternoon mummy. I greeted. She quickly turned to look at who it was. Eheh? What are you here for? To flaunt your new man? She asked. Can we at least have a seat? If she wants to flaunt her new man, I don't think you would have been the right person to flaunt him to. Caleb unhappily responded. And who are you to argue with me? The woman angrily asked. Mum can we please have a seat? We are here for something very important than this anger. I responded unhappily. You can have a seat. She offered. Caleb refused to sit down but I did. Mummy please, when was the last time you heard from Sarah? I asked. Any problem? She asked back. Mummy please answer my question. I pleaded. Well, if you care to know, her husband Agyei has flown her to the United Kingdom to enjoy some holidays. She bragged. But has she called since she got there? I asked. Not yet, she only sent me a text message that where she is, she is not permitted to make numerous calls. She responded. I'm sorry mummy, to inform you that, Sarah hasn't traveled anywhere, she has rather run mad on the streets of Praso. I met her this afternoon and has taken her to the hospital. I narrated. What???? Kukua it's a lie! You just want to cause me pain. She denied. No mummy, it is the truth. You can go with me to confirm. I responded. Quickly she stood up almost in tears, so confused and devastated. Kukua let's go. She said.

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