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Saturday, 15 December 2018


I began to share tears of joy. With his tongue, he licked them away. I felt extreme happiness within. Caleb stayed by me till later in the evening when he asked permission to go back home. Kukua, I must get going now, but remember you've promised to devote all your time for me, please don't go on any business trip. He pleaded. One more thing Kukua, have you thought of the course you want to pursue in the university now? He asked. Caleb, I want to do catering in other to establish a restaurant of my own in the near future. I responded. Wow! My Kukua is really a determined lady. I'm glad to hear that. He responded happily. Anyway, I will buy you the forms next year when they are out. He assured and drove away. Caleb and I got so close. The love was at par. Everything was so smooth until he decided to introduce me to his parents six months after our union. Kukua hurry up and let's go. This is the day I have been waiting for, the day to officially introduce the love of my life to the entire family. He stated happily. Caleb, are you sure they will be happy to see me? I asked. Come on Kukua, everyone in the house is waiting happily to see you. Go and see how Doris has prepared your favorite jollof rice and chicken to welcome you. Mum, Dad, Curtis and my bosom friend Emrys. All of them can't wait to see you as the official Caleb Bentum. He responded happily. I wore my best dress and joined him in the car. He hurriedly drove me into their mansion. Mummy, Daddy, Curtis, Emrys. This is the day you've all been waiting for, the day to meet that special woman after my heart. Caleb happily announced, immediately we entered the house. Wait a minute Caleb, is that not the laundress? Emrys recognized me and asked. You can ask that again Emrys. She even worked in this house as a dishwasher not long ago. Curtis added. Yes, and so what? Caleb unhappily asked. And so bullshit! Mr Bentum cut in. Caleb how dare you bring another shame upon this family? You dare bring a confused pauper into this house as a wife to be? Caleb what's up with you and poor people? Were you created for them? Mr Bentum added. Daddy, what's all this? What's with you too and rich people? You forced me to date Afrakoma because you thought she was from a rich background, did you see where it landed all of us? Now I bring a genuinely unique lady home and you are still complaining. What else do you want me to do? Caleb angrily asked. Caleb do you want to know what we want you to do? Mrs Bentum rhetorically asked. We want you to remain single for eternity if this is the woman you want to marry. She added. That will never happen mummy! I will choose whom I want to love and not you! Your riches can't determine my happiness. Kukua is my life, and that is final! Caleb angrily spoke. Caleb what has come over you? Are you talking to your parents this way because of this thing? Emrys asked. How dare you Emrys? How dare a common person like you to insult my choice. Another word from you, and you will regret ever knowing me! Caleb threatened. And now, thank you all for your rude reception, if you don't mind, we will like to take our leave. Caleb stated and we began walking out. Stand right there Kukua! Mrs Bentum instructed. Out of fear, I stopped moving. If you know what is good for you, run far away from my son, or else? She threatened. Or else what mummy? I take this as a threat, and I can let the law take you up on this. Caleb responded and dragged me out of the house into his car. He drove me on top speed back to my rented apartment. I walked sadly to the sofa and sat down with my teary face buried in my palms. Kukua I'm sorry, please forgive me. Caleb pleaded. I kept on weeping for minutes without uttering a word.

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