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Friday, 21 December 2018


Edward looks at Quen.
“No! you tell me about you and Mary Dale first!”
Quen decides that indeed Edward is jealous of him and Dale.
“As I told you earlier, she’s my favorite girl! And before you punch me agin, let me tell you that she and I are just friends!”
“Friends?!?” Edward asks in disbelief.
“Yes, this heartbreaker found a good friend in Dale!” he points to himself upon saying the word “heartbreaker”.
“I always go there to unwind before I went to Germany. And most of the waitresses there tried flirting with me and some even offered their extra services if you know what I mean. One time, I don’t know why but I grew tired of those shenanigans and tried to asks the manager for a waitress who won't try putting the moves on me. They sent her, and she was really different from the rest. She was friendly but not in a flirty way! So from then on, whenever I go there, I would request her from the manager. She seemed out of place in the bar so I asked her why she’s working there. She’s hesitant to share personal stuff about herself but I persisted.” He smiles at the memory.
Dale was chatty about a lot of things but never about herself.
It took him months before he could persuade her to tell him about herself.
He was surprised to learn that she’s actually studying and that she is the niece of the bar’s owner.
He was surprised to learn that she’s actually studying and that she is the niece of the bar’s owner.
Her aunt didn’t want her to work as a waitress there but she insisted because she said she wants to return the favor to her aunt.
Their unlikely friendship blossomed and from then on she became like a confidante to him.
He goes to the bar n0t just to unwind but also to tell her about his frustration in life.
“She’s a good listener and she’s great at putting things in perspective.”
“Indeed she is!” Edward agrees but couldn’t help but be jealous that she is also his brother’s confidante.
And that he met her before him!
“But enough about me and Dale! What’s the deal  between you two?”
Edward gulps down another beer before answering.            
“She’s my ex!” he says bitterly.
Quen sits up straight upon hearing it.
“Since when?”
“Just recently.”
“But aren’t you engaged to Elizabeth for a year already?!?”
“I am!”
“Did Dale know about your engagement while you were together?” anger seems to rise from Quen’s chest.
“No, she didn’t know. I only told her after breaking up with her.” Edward admits.
“Asshole!” this time it was Quen who punched Edward.

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