Friday, 21 September 2018


I kept mute in fear and trembling limbs while Doris kept her fingers on her lips in fear too. I am talking to you, you bastard! Did you just argue with our queen? He asked again. I stepped back several times till I got trapped at the wall. He also moved towards me in anger asking the same very question. Before I knew it, he pounced on me and began beating the hell out of me. I screamed but there was no help. Kukua, if you think Caleb is in this house to hear or see this, then I'm sorry. He's gone to work, and ain't coming anytime soon. Cally bragged after the beating. One more thing Doris, you ought to do a proper orientation for her. Including her choice to tell Caleb everything and die, or to keep mute and suffer. Curtis added and they walked away. I sat on the floor weeping my eyes out. Kukua please get up. I am so sorry, I should have told you never to exchange words with any of them. Please forgive me. Doris consoled and helped me unto my feet. Kukua, now it is your choice to tell Caleb and get blackmailed out of this house, or dance to their tunes and stay in peace. Doris cautioned. I kept weeping till bedtime. God save me, this is more difficult than I anticipated. I thought sadly. Days passed into months, and soon, the parents of the house returned from the States. Doris and I were so busy preparing all sort of foods to welcome them at home. Doris served the food afterwards, whiles I remained in the kitchen washing the utensils. Mum and Dad, I got to run to the workplace, there is a contract I must win. I overheard Caleb stating in haste as he walked away. After they were done eating, I quickly went to the dinning hall to clear the table. Wait a minute young lady, who are you? It was Caleb's mother, Mrs Bentum. I am the assistant cook ma'am. I responded humbly. Assistant cook? With what qualification? Mr Bentum asked. I began to panic. I asked a question young woman. He repeated. A senior high school certificate sir. With a trembling voice, I responded. You must be out of your mind! How dare you! In fact who employed you? He yelled. Daddy, it was Caleb's initiative. I warned him, but he wouldn't listen. Curtis responded. You warned him and he didn't listen, yet, you stooped low to eat the foods she prepared? Curtis, I am disappointed in you, yes I am. Mr Bentum angrily spoke. Daddy please leave Curtis out of this. You must deal with Caleb and the accountant, they connived for this nonsense! Cally, a. k. a. Afrakoma added up. Quickly, Mr Bentum called the accountant on phone. Hello, come here at once! He instructed. And to you young lady, kneel down over there. He instructed me. Quickly, I went down on my knees with teary eyes. Minutes after, the accountant walked inn. Young man, on what qualification did you and my son employ this lunatic here as an assistant cook? Mr Bentum angrily asked. Sir please, she isn't an assistant cook, she is a plate washer. The accountant responded. What happened to the plate washers we had? Where are they? Mrs Bentum asked. They have all resigned ma'am and since this one qualifies for it, I employed her. He explained. Did you give her an appointment letter or you didn't? Mr Bentum asked. As the rule demands, she is on three months probation before the employment. The accountant responded. No wonder she is parading herself as an assistant cook. Do you know what it takes to be an assistant cook? Do you? Mrs Bentum yelled at me. I'm sorry ma'am, I am so sorry. I pleaded in tears. Well Mr accountant, in other to avoid this nonsense bragging of hers, just print a letter of probation indicating why exactly she is here. I don't want further embarrassment when my visitors come for Caleb's wedding. Mr Bentum instructed. You can all leave my presence now! He added. I quickly got up and picked the plates into the kitchen. I was weak due to fear. My adrenaline level had risen beyond normal. Kukua, I know how you feel, please sorry for the stress okay? Doris whispered. Doris, it isn't easy at all. I am scared to stupor. I responded. Kukua please give me a promise, promise you ain't going to resign. She pleaded. God, how do I promise on something I am considering? I thought.

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