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Wednesday, 5 September 2018


New school, new town, new friends. I can't believe mum and dad are making me go through this. It's grade 12 and I have to start a new school mid year?! What were my parents thinking??

“Oh my god is that the new girl?”
“Look at her hair!”
“Ew what did she do this morning. Marinate herself in perfume?”
“Wow, she so doesn’t belong here”
Okay so the first day has gone from good to extremely bad……

So there’s these girl Tara, Sarah and Ella…… I hate them so much!!!!!! They have made my life a living hell! When I walk past them in the hall they always have something to say about how I  look, in class they always laugh at me when I get something wrong….. All of these small problems. And they just make me so mad.

I can't do this anymore….. These girls have created a whole website about how much they hate me…… what did I ever do to them??? Can't they just leave me alone? At least I’ve managed to make one friend, Jenna. At least she likes me.

Things have gone from bad to worse! Everyone in the school is on the girl stupid bullying scheme! Even Jenna, my only friend, has turned to their side! Just because they said they could get her to go on a date with Jessie! Some friend she turned out to be…….
So not only does everyone at school hate me but so do my parents…… they're treating me like dirt blaming me for everything bad that happens! Well I can't handle this anymore……. Its just all way too much!
It's decided………… there’s no place for me in this world anymore. I have no friends to rely on, no parents to go for support, everyone hates me! I have to leave this place, go to a different place where I truly belong…

“I’m sorry mum and dad……but there was no room here for me anymore. I’m just a waste of space so I have to go. I’m really sorry for everything that has happened these past few months and I’m sorry for leaving without saying goodbye. I want you to know how much I love you both and even though I’m gone please know that I’ll still be with you both, just not physically. The pills are starting to take on the effect so I have to go……. I love you……….

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