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Thursday, 16 August 2018


Written _ Cynthia chi Godwin 
Fred walked to Sonia where she was sitting alone reading her book
"Hi Sonia"
"Good day"
"How was your day"
"Very nice" Fred sat besides her touching her left hand 
"What happened to your hand"
"It was an accident"
"Sorry, please be careful next time"
"Okay" they did not notice Destiny staring at them, he stood behind their class entry with his arms folded staring at them while they continued talking.
Fred and Charlie sat outside their compound talking 
"How is your friend Fred?"
"Hmmm, do you like him"
"To be honest, he is so cute, I think I'm crushing on him now"
"You are quite lucky Charlie, Destiny doesn't have a girlfriend, I think it will work out between you guys"
"That is by the way, Beatrice called me before you returned from school"
"Why don't she call me" Fred asked getting angry 
"She wants to surprise you"
"Oh really, I don't want to see her"
"Brother what is wrong with you, this is Beatrice we are talking about here"
"Listen Charlie, everything is different now"
"Why?, do you have another girl?"
"That is all I have for now" he stood up and went inside.
Fred visited Destiny, they sat together talking, Sonia walked to them a tray containing drink and tumblers, she placed it before them and turned to go but Fred called her back 
"Sonia, can I take you out?"
"No, I'm very busy"
"When will you be at chance"
"Can't tell" she left them, Fred turned to Destiny and found him staring at Sonia, he removed his eyes immediately he find Fred looking at him 
"Hey dude, what are you staring at" Fred asked looking jealous 
"Don't tell me that I can't look around because of her" he replied 
"I'm sorry, just bait jealous"
"Let's drink" Destiny opened the drink filling it in the two tumblers, they started drinking. 
The principal entered Sonia's class with a girl, the whole class stood up and greeted him 
"Students, this is a new student, her name is Charlie Brown, she will be in this class" the principal shows her her sit space and left 
"Hi Charlie, I'm Jenny" a dark skinny girl that sits besides her introduced 
"You are welcome" she added 
"Thank you" Charlie replied arranging her locker, some boys that has sit behind her where talking in low tone as they stares at her and giggles.
Charlie sat outside with her new friend Jenny when Mary and Sonia walked up to that with smile 
"Hi we are Sonia and Mary, can we be friends with you?"
"Did I by any means told you that I'm looking for friends"
"We are sorry" they left them 
"Who are those girls, they are so local, unkept hair"
"They are among the dull brains in our class" Jenny replied laughing 
"What even made think that I can be friends with them rubbish" she concluded eating her snacks. 
Sonia was mobbing the house entry when Destiny walked out from the house and stood behind staring at her, Sonia became uncomfortable 
"Do you need anything?"
"No, I just felt like staying here"
"Sonia, I want to show you something"
"Where?" she asked looking up, she came in contact with his eyes, they stared at each other for sometimes before Sonia braked it going back to what she was doing 
"Not here, when you are done, get ready, I will be waiting inside"
"Okay" Sonia managed to reply, Destiny walked back to the house, Sonia kept wondering what he is up to, she finally finished and carried the dirty water out.
To be continued.

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