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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin 
Sonia turned and saw Destiny breathing heavily, she stood up, all her body was vibrating with fear, she covered up her self with her tattered dress, Destiny helped her to pick her purse
"Are you okay" Sonia nodded her head to say yes, she cleaned up the dried tears from her eyes 
"Thank you for saving me" Sonia replied with a low voice 
"Is okay, Nanny sent me to give you a transport fare, thank God that I came on time"
"I wonder what would have become of me" she replied looking at a cut that one of them have her with his nail 
"Just go back home, I will pick the stuff from the market" Sonia did not say anything 
"Are you scared?"
"Yes" she replied watching her back"
"Alright, I will walk you home, we can leave for another day" Destiny replied leading the way, then, Sonia followed him.
They got home and met Ann cleaning up the sitting room, immediately she set her eyes on Sonia, she dropped a hand towel that she holding and grabbed her 
"What happened to you...your dress.." she asked looking worried 
"Some boys tried to rape me but Destiny saved me"
"Thank you Destiny"
"Is okay Nanny, Sonia is like a sister to me, I will not see someone hurting her without interfering"
"Sonia go inside and change"
"Okay mother" Sonia went inside 
"Nanny, I want to see Fred, I will be right back" 
"Okay" Destiny left. 
Fred sat alone outside the class room listening to music with ear plugs, he was seriously nodding his head when Destiny joined him, just then he removed it from his ears smiling at Destiny 
"My Guy" They greeted with hand shake 
"How is my babe"
"She is fine" Destiny replied staring at him 
"Hey!, why are you staring at me"
"Am I?, by the way, you told me that your sister will be joining in the state today, why are you not going home already"
"Woh!, are you crushing on her already" Fred teased him 
"Your are so rude old man, let's go"
"Let me pick up my stuffs" 
"I will wait for you right here" Fred entered the class room. 
Fred got home and met his sister in her room arranging her clothes 
"Woah! Charlie!" Charlie jumped up and hugged Fred 
"Is good to see you again brother"
"You are looking more beautiful"
"Beatrice returned with us, she will be coming over to see you, I knew you had missed her" Fred squeezed his face 
"I will be waiting for you, you are going to tell me about our old friends"
"Yeah, they are really hopping to see you, I'm going to miss them"
"Trust me, you will like you staying her with new friends" Fred left and went inside his room. 
Fred sat with Destiny under a tree at the outskirt keeping them selves busy with fruit drink 
"Fred, so why are we here"
"Nothing, I just want you to met my sister, she will soon be here"
"Oh really" Destiny replied taking another sip from him drink before a well dressed beautiful girl walked up to them and sat with them 
"Destiny met my sister Charlie, and this is Destiny my good friend"
"Nice to meet you" Charlie replied with a smile, Destiny felt like dipping inside the ground, he is never comfortable with girl 
"Fred, is nice meeting your sister, I have to go now, I will meet you in school tomorrow" 
"Alright bye" Destiny left Fred alone with his sister, he turned back and saw Charlie looking at him smiling and telling Fred something, he ignored them and went home. 
To be continued.

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