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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin
Sonia sat under a tree outside their class room talking
"Sonia, what is wrong with you, you don't look cheerful"
"Mary I'm confused"
"Why confused?,what happened?"
"Fred is asking me to be his girlfriend"
"And did you tell him" Mary asked with a smile
"I said no" she replied squeezing her face
"What are you thinking, Fred is a handsome dude that attract attention from others girls, you should count yourself lucky instead"
"I don't love him, besides I don't want any distraction on my exam"
"Come on Sonia..."
"I don't want him that is final, can we read now?"
"Alright, decision is yours" Sonia opened her text book and they started reading.
Ann was arranging the dinnen when Destiny comes in, he sat on one of the chairs starring at tumbler, Ann noticed that he was not happy and decided to ask him
"Destiny you looks worried, what happened" Ann asked dropping the last plate on the table
"I'm fine Nanny, I'm just worried about my father"
"Tell me the truth Destiny, I knew you enjoys your fathers absence, so talk to me"
"I'm fine" he stood up and went inside, Ann continued arranging the dinnen table, just then, Sonia entered inside looking sad
"Good evening mother" she greeted going inside
"Sonia, what is with you"
"I'm fine mother"
"Don't tell me that, what is wrong with you and Destiny"
"I'm fine mother, emm.. I will be inside" Sonia went inside.
Fred and Destiny was at beach cooling off the hot weather as they drinks,
"Destiny, I don't know what else to do, I'm really in love with Sonia, but she never gives me chance, please I need your advice" Destiny was just staring at the river without saying anything, Fred touched him and he panicked
"What is wrong with you, you are absent minded this days"
"Is nothing, I'm fine" he replied throwing a handful of sand inside the river
"So what do you have to tell me about Sonia?"
"Nothing, I have no idea"
"Okay, I will keep trying" Fred replied putting the last piece of meat in his mouth, Destiny was just staring at him.
Sonia was watering the flowers when she heard the sound of the gate, she looked up and saw Fred, she looked away immediately concentrating on what she was doing
"Sonia, I need us to talk"
"I'm sorry, not now, I'm busy" she turned to leave but Fred held her hand
"I love you Sonia" Fred replied staring in her eyes, Sonia turned to leave and saw Destiny staring at them, she left both of them and went inside
"You need to give her some time to make up her mind" Destiny encouraged Fred leading him inside the house.
Sonia lays down staring at the ceiling when her mother opened the door, she did not even notice when her mother joined her on the bed
"Sonia, what are you staring at"
"Nothing mother, I'm just thinking about my exam"
"I know there will be different, because Destiny helped you"
"Yes mother, I pray so"
"Just go to sleep, I want to arrange things in the kitchen"
"Good night mom" Ann pecked her and went outside.
Sonia was going to the market alone when two men dashed out from the little bush along the road, one of them covered her mouth and lifted her up, they carried her inside behind Bush laying her on a little cleared portion, they where trying to tear up her loose dress, Sonia kept struggling with them with tears, one of them took her purse Away, one of them finally teared up her dress, he was was trying to unzip his trousers when a brow landed on his head, the second man ran away leaving Sonia's purse behind, Sonia is now wearing only tiny singlet that shows her braces and little short under, she picked up her pics dress trying to cover up her self before looking up for her Savior.
To be continued.

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