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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin 
Sonia opened her eyes in the hospital, she saw her mother sitting besides her hair 
"Are you okay?" Ann asked 
"What happened to me mother, why am I here" Sonia asked her mother looking sad
"Is okay my daughter, you will be fine okay" Sonia noaded her head in agreement, she relaxed back to the bed 
"I have to see the doctor" she left Sonia and went inside the doctors office, the doctor offered her a sit 
"Madam, we have done proper examination on her and found out that she is suffering from brain tumour" the doctor concluded 
"what are we going to do about it, I don't want to loose my daughter"
"It had gone worst, talking about surgery, her life will be 50/50, and also you have to take her to India for the surgery which will be an extra cost"
"Doctor, is there no other way?"
"I'm afraid, there is not but I can prescribe a drug for her which can help her live quit healthy" the doctor replied writing something on a piece of paper, he finished and handed it over to her 
"Take it to the nurse, she will give you the drugs" she collected it and left
She went to nurse, after everything, she calculated it 
"The total amount is twenty thousand naira"
"Just for this two?"
"Listen madam, this drug cost one thousand each, are you paying for it or not" Ann opened her purse and gave her the total amount, the nurse handed it over to her and she started going 
"That is how some women can be so stingy" the nurse said putting the money inside the drawer.
Ann was with Sonia on the bed
"Mother, what happened to me?" Sonia replied with tears 
"Is just a slit fever, you will be fine" she replied, Destiny entered with Fred and sat down
"Good day ma'am" they greeted her 
"Sonia how are you feeling" Fred asked holding her hand, Destiny brought out his phone concentrating on it 
"I'm getting better" she replied in a weak voice. 
"I have something for you" he brought out a nylon containing a sealed box, Sonia collected it from him 
"Thanks" she greeted with a smile, Destiny was just operating his phone without looking up at them 
"Destiny, I'm sorry for not preparing something for you in the house"
"Is okay Nanny, I'm okay, life is more important here" he replied without looking up. 
Destiny and Fred was coming back from school, they told their drivers not to pick them up after school, they where talking around freely 
"Destiny, let's just go inside that gate, it seems interesting"
"Let's check it out" Destiny replied leading the way, they entered the gate, it was so big with a lots of interesting things, they saw beautiful flowers of different colours and also some beautiful love albums, there was a place built for fun, they saw some young boys jumping up and down 
"Wow!, how come we never knew about this?" Fred asked 
"Maybe we never walked around like this" Destiny replied 
"I think I need a beautiful flower and a love album"
"Wow, what for"
"Woh!, I'm not surprised because you don't have a lover, tomorrow is Valentine"
"Yeah I forget, I think I need some too"
"what for?" Fred asked looking surprised 
"For myself of curse"
"Let's go inside" they ran to the direction.
Immediately Destiny and Fred arrived at Destiny's gate, they where still on their school uniform, they met Sonia coming out with dust bin 
"Hi Sonia" Fred replied with a smile 
"I have something for you, happy Valentine" Fred said giving her those things, Destiny went inside the house leaving both of them alone 
"I love you Sonia, why don't you accept me now"
"I'm sorry, I can't"
"I won't stop trying" Sonia left him, dropping off the content in the dust bin in a pit behind the wall and went inside. 
It started raining, Ann told Sonia to go and rock up the gate because, is late already, she was about to walk outside when Destiny stopped her 
"Just go inside, I will do it" he said looking at her 
"Thank you" Sonia replied without looking up at him, he left and Sonia returned inside the house. 
To be continued. 

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