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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin 
Fred was on his way to Destiny's house, he met Sonia on his way 
"Good day"
"How are you Sonia"
"I'm fine"
"So, where are you heading to"
"I'm going to market"
"Can I escort you?"
"No thank you"
"Hence you are not in the house, what else I'm I coming to the house to do"
"I don't understand"
"I love you Sonia and I want us to be more closer"
"I still have a lots to do, can you now excuse me" 
"I will wait in the house" Sonia turned and left, Fred did not stop staring at her until she turned to another direction.
Destiny sat at sitting room when Fred joined him 
"Fred?" Destiny called out looking surprised, Fred sat besides him with smiles all over his face 
"Fred, I don't understand you anymore, you now visit the house all weekends"
"Destiny, you see that girl, she can never slip from my finger tips"
"Here you come again, must you run after any girl you sees"
"I still don't understand why you always defend that girl" Sonia walked in holding a black nylon bag, she did not great them 
"Sonia get ready for our lesson"
"Okay" Sonia went inside, Fred finally went home.
Sonia and Mary sat under a tree outside their class with their exercise books
"Sonia I can't believe that you did this"
"Yeah, Destiny had been helping me"
"That is very good of him, at least that stupid maths teacher will not abuse you again" Mary concluded, she looked up at Sonia but found out that her mind was not there 
"Sonia, what is wrong" Sonia kept quiet for sometimes 
"I..." she wanted to say something but she heard someone calling her name, she turned and saw Fred smiling at her, she noticed new thing about him, that his new hair cut, he appeared more handsome, Sonia was still looking at him 
"Are you checking me out?" Fred asked sitting besides her 
"Sonia, I will be in the class" Mary excused herself and left.
"Tell me the truth Sonia, how do I look"
"Must you hear that from me?"
"To be honest, I made a new hair cut to get your attention" on hearing that, Sonia smiled 
"You looks fine" Sonia replied 
"Woah!,thank you" Fred replied bringing out his handset, he shifted closer to her and took a snap of both of them
"This will be a great memory" Fred was about to stand, he saw Destiny staring at her 
"This man, how long had you been here"
"Fifteen minutes ago, I had been looking for you"
"So where are we heading to"
"Alright" he looked back at Sonia 
"See you later" Sonia watched them leave, she also carried her note books and went inside the class.
Destiny sent Sonia to get bottled water for him but she ended up fetching water with grass, Destiny just collected the water from her and dropped it on the table 
"I asked you for bottled water, but never mind"
"I'm sorry"
"Something is bothering you right"
"No I'm fine" Sonia left.
Fred sat alone outside the class, going through the pictures that he took with Sonia, he was just smiling when Destiny snatched it from him, he stood up and saw Destiny 
"Hey! what are you doing?" 
"Hmmm, she is falling for you right?"
"Yeah I think so" Fred stood up and they went inside the class. 
Destiny was teaching Sonia, she was just staring at the book without saying anything 
"What are you thinking about, Fred?"
"No I'm following up"
"Don't let me shout at you like maths teacher, remember, I'm your teacher now"
"Yes I knew" she started laughing 
"What are you laughing at, my own will not reach you right?" he started laughing as well
"I think we are done for today" he said, Sonia stood up trying to walk but she failed down and collapsed, Destiny tried bringing her back to no avail, he ran inside the house. 
To be continued.

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