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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin 
During weekend, Fred visited Destiny, he met Sonia outside moping the entry, she stopped on seeing him 
"Good day" she greeted with her face carried down 
"How are you Sonia"
"I'm fine"
"Hmmm, my name is Fred, I'm Destiny's friend as you already knew"
"Do you care to take anything"
"No, where is Destiny"
"I will call him for you, let me round up" Sonia continued, she was almost done when Destiny comes out from the house, she left them and went inside 
"Hey Fred, you never told me that you where coming" 
"I came to check on my chick" he replied in a low voice 
"You won't stop amusing me"
"You won't understand"
"Let me tell you one thing about that girl, don't hurt her because, if that happens, you will also hurt my nanny"
"You are funny sometimes, how can you say such a thing or are you crushing on her" Destiny laughed for sometimes 
"You know I don't like having girls around"
"Because you are shy right"
"Maybe but I'm okay like that"
"Can we walk around for sometimes"
"Let me inform nanny"
"You so much love that woman"
"What do you expect, she is a mother to me" he replied almost inside the house. 
Sonia was inside the class when their maths teacher entered their class with their exercise book, she calls their names out as they comes out and collect it from her, when she got to Sonia, she called her out, when she got to her 
"Sonia, I still don't understand why you always fail woefully on your exercises, why don't you stay at home rather than spoiling your parents money in school" the whole class giggled, Sonia carried her face down with shame
"I wonder how you are going to pass this exam, I advise you to leave school and learn some work or better still read harder, go back to your sit" Sonia collected her book and went back to her sit, the whole class never stopped staring at her, she never concentrated until the lesson got to an end. 
Mary did not come to school for a reason yet unknown to Sonia, she sat outside the class supporting her hand under her jaw, she was still there when someone tapped her shoulder, she lifted her face up and saw Fred 
"Is good to see you again Sonia, I never knew we were in the same school"
"So what are you doing here" he asked picking up her maths exercise book, Sonia tried to stop him but he had already opened it 
"Woh, that is so bad"
"Mathematics is really a big challenge to me now"
"I will like to help you but I'm not that perfect, but I think Destiny can help you on that"
"I can't ask him for that"
"Exam is fast approaching, so you just have to or do you want me to ask him on your behalf"
"Never mind, I will get over it"
"Do you care to have anything?"
"No I'm fine, see you later" she got up, she turned to enter the class when she saw Destiny staring at them with his hands folded, a lots of things where running through her mind, has he heard their conversation, she got to the class and relaxed. 
Sonia sat outside the house with her note books, she had been reading but never understood anything, she was holding her maths note and pen when she suddenly slept off, she was still there when she felt something taken away from her hand, she opened her eyes and saw Destiny holding her maths note book
"Is that how to read?" he asked, Sonia was rubbing her eyes 
"I heard your conversation with Fred, I decided to help"
"Thank you sir"
"You know what, I'm going to drop this" he said almost standing up 
"I'm sorry sir... I mean Destiny" he sat down and opened the book. 
To be conti

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