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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Written by _ Cynthia chi Godwin
Destiny comes out from his room and found his school shoe neatly cleaned up, Sonia was standing behind the door
"Excuse me sir, I want to tidy up your room" picking up the shoes
"Can you please call me by my name besides why are you doing this"
"I'm now a house help in the house, let me know whenever you need anything, I will help"
"Alright" Destiny left and Sonia entered his room.
Lesson was already moving on in the class when Sonia entered the class sweating all over, she wanted to join the class but the teacher called her back
"Why are you coming to class this late" Sonia opened her mouth but did not say anything
"Go and sit down, don't come to my class late again"
"Thank you ma'am" Sonia sat down bringing out her lesson note.
Fred and Destiny stood outside the school gate waiting for their various drivers
"Fred, you know I have visited you, so when are you coming over" Destiny said putting his hands inside his pocket
"Okay I will come over this evening"
"What will I keep for you"
"You know what I like"
"Yeah yeah, Hmmm I see" they started laughing, just then a black sienna stooped before them
"Alright Fred, I will be expecting you"
"Yeah" Destiny entered the car and left.
Fred and Destiny sat outside the compound, they where talking and laughing when Sonia walked to their direction
"Excuse me sir" the both turned to her
"Will you like to take anything sir"
"No ma'am, except for my friend"
"Sir?" referring to Fred
"I'm okay" Sonia turned to go, Fred started laughing, Sonia felt so embarrassed
"What did you just told her"
"Don't mind her, I had warned her to call me by my name but she refused"
"But that girl is really beautiful" still looking at her direction
"You have started again"
"What do you mean"
"You and girls, you cursed fight among girls in the class, now you are coming for this one"
"You are right but, I don't actually know what those girls wants from me"
"Do you blame them?, after all, you are handsome and wealthy"
"Any way, I'm interested in that girl, I will come for her" Destiny started laughing
"Look at this one, do you think that Sonia is a girl that can accept you just like that?"
"Whatever, all I know that, she will fall in love with me" just then Sonia returned to them, Fred kept gazing at her, she was so shy to look up,
"Excuse me sir, dinner is ready"
"Alright ma'am, I will be there" Sonia left immediately
"I have to go now, you know I sneaked out from the house"
"Is your father around?"
"Yeah but he will be travelling the next day"
"Same with my dad, we are going to gain freedom"
"let me escort you a little" the stood up walking towards the gate.
Sonia was inside the room with her mother, they where talking
"Sonia, how are you going to read for your exam, I warned you but you wouldn't listen"
"I still have much time to read at school, at least now, I won't disturb you about my school responsibility again"
"You know what, I'm going to help you out until you finish your exams"
"Thank you so much mother, I love you" she hugged her mother felling so happy
"I want the best for you my daughter" Sonia reached out for her note books, just then, her mother relaxed on the bed.
To be continued.

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