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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Written by _ Cynthia Chi Godwin
Destiny sat at dinning staring at a cup of tea and bread served him as a breakfast by nanny Ann, he has dressed up already, he was still staring at his breakfast when nanny Ann walked to him 
"Destiny, what is wrong with you, you have not touched your food"
"Nanny, you had lived with us since my mom died, I grew up under your care, but why is my father like this, he does not care about me, all he does is to travel"
"Listen Destiny, your father loves you, he wants the best for you okay" nanny Ann replied patting his back 
"I will be going now"
"Just finish up your tea" Destiny reached for his cup of tea, Sonia came out with her school uniform and bag 
"mother I'm set to go" Sonia said to her mother 
"Have you eaten anything?"
"I have little money on me, I can manage"
"Okay" she hugged her and left 
Destiny was about lifting his school bag when his driver walked in and carried Destiny's school bag and they left. 
Sonia went to school canteen to buy something, they returned and shared it among themselves.
Destiny sat outside the class room, he started school newly, he just sat there alone when a boy of his age walked to him 
"Hi, can you direct me to the school library"
"I just started school today" Destiny replied
"Same to me, my name is Fred"
"I'm Destiny" 
"Wow, is good to make friend already, can you ascot me to canteen"
"Yeah" they got up and left. 
Sonia got home after school, she went to the room but did not see her mother, she went into the kitchen and met her washing dishes.
"Good afternoon mother"
"You are welcome my daughter"
"I'm very hungry"
"The food will soon be ready, is Destiny back?"
"Yes, just now"
"Okay, go inside the room and wait for me, let me finish up"
"Okay" Sonia left the kitchen. 
Sonia sat inside the class alone when Mary walked to her 
"Sonia, the principal sent for you"
"I will join you later" Sonia left 
Sonia got to the principal's office, she greeted the principal with fear wondering what she has done 
"Why don't you want to pay your school fees"
"Sir, my mother is yet to receive her salary"
"In three weeks time sir"
"That will be too long, exam is coming up next two weeks"
"Please sir" Sonia pleaded with few drops of tears 
"This school is not a charity organization, make sure you don't come to school without your school fees"
"Please sir"
"Leave my office!" he barked at her and she found her way outside the office immediately.
Sonia and Mary was talking on their way home 
"why did the principal sent for you"
"Is about my school fees, he warned me never to come to school without it"
"What are you going to do now"
"I have no choice, I'm going to stay back until I get it"
"I will help you with my lessons note"
"Thank you very much"
"Please try to come back to school"
"I will try my best"
"Okay good bye" they separated their ways.
Destiny's father Mr Alex returned home, Sonia was helping her mother to dress the dinnen when he comes out from the room 
"Good day sir" Sonia greeted 
"I can't remember seeing you for the first time" 
"Yes sir, Mrs Ann is my mother"
"You are welcome"
"Thank you sir" Mr Alex turned to go 
"Excuse me sir" Sonia called his attention 
"How can I help you"
"Please sir, can you employ me as the house maid"
"I see..,what do you want as your monthly payment"
"Sir, I will be grateful if you will accept to take care of my school responsibility"
"That Won't be a problem, you can start working"
"Thank you very much sir" Sonia greeted with a bright smile, Mr Alex left 
Sonia told her mother about her new employment 
"How can you do that, it is going to affect your sturdy"
"I know mother but I can't leave the whole burden for you, believe me, it won't affect my studies" Ann spread her hands and Sonia hugged her. 

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