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Monday, 13 August 2018


“Come on, let’s continue with the ones available”, Ifeanyi said as he picked up a trap.
“Will he be okay?” Ada asked sadly.
“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine”, Obi said.
They all continued setting the traps at once for the about thirty minutes.
Anayo on the other side was whistling as he walked fast along the bush path towards Sule’s place.
He was afraid but just had to prove a point for the rest of his friends.
He suddenly stopped as he heard a movement somewhere in the woods.
His heart was racing very fast.
He held his cutlass firmly as he shouted out of fear “Who’s there?”
There was no response; so he decided to take another step until he heard the
movement again.
“Just show your face instead of hiding like a coward behind those woods”, he said as he approached a tree.
He crept silently to the back of the tree pointing his cutlass forward.
A boy of Anayo’s age came out from the back of the tree with his hands raised up.
He was a little bit shorter than Anayo but looks scared.
“Who are you?” Anayo asked confidently.
“I am Emeka”, he replied with his voice shaking.
“What are you doing alone in the woods alone by this time of the day?” Anayo
“I came to fetch firewood for my parents but I can’t carry them alone to the village”, Emeka answered.
Smiling, Anayo stretched his hand for a handshake.
“My name is Anayo, I’m here with some of my friends for hunting”, He said. Sighing, Emeka said, “I hid because this was my first time in this forest”.
“Wow, how old are you Emeka?” Anayo asked
“I’m fourteen years old”, Emeka answered.
“No matter how old you may be, you are not supposed to walk alone in this forest”, Anayo said.
“So what then are you doing alone in this forest”, Emeka asked.
“Oh me?” Anayo asked ironically
“Yes you”, Emeka answered smiling.
“I actually came with my friends for hunting but we left a tool behind which I’m going back to get”, Anayo explained.
“Your friends must be very wicked for sending you back alone without even sending one person to escort you to wherever you think you are going”. Emeka said disappointedly.
“I actually told them not to worry”, Anayo said.
“Why would you do that”? Emeka asked.
“I actually want to prove to them that I’m no longer a kid who must be followed around every time.” Anayo answered.

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