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Monday, 13 August 2018


They discussed as they walked towards Erelu forest.
“Ada, are you sure you want to follow us today because you always end up killing just a small rat?” Chika asked jokingly.
“Are you trying to mock my hunting skills?”
Ada replied without smiling.
Tapping her back, “Don’t mind him Ada, you are far better than him”, Obi said ironically.
Laughing loudly, “Ada that doesn’t catch more than a rat is better than me?” He asked smiling.
“Was it not Obi that rescued you from that tiny snake the other day?” Ada asked
“That was just a child’s play, in fact, I wasn’t even afraid”, Chika replied.
“Obi please, I don’t want to die, the snake is coming closer, please help me out here”, Ada mimicked.
They all laughed as they got closer to Sule’s hut.
“You guys are late”, Ifeanyi yelled.
“We are really sorry”, Obi apologised.
“Ada wasted our time”, Chika added.
“Come on, are you going to keep blaming me all day?” Ada yelled.
“Of course, Yes”, Chika and Obi answered together.
Turning to Ifeanyi, “Where are Nkechi and
Anayo?” Obi asked.
“Right behind you”, Ifeanyi replied smiling.
Obi and Chika fell down immediately.
All laughing, Anayo said happily “You fell for the prank again”.
Chika shouted angrily, “I warned you not to play your dirty prank on me again”.
“You guys will not just break my leg one day”, Obi said as if he enjoyed the prank.
“Come on, don’t tell me that it wasn’t fun”,
Nkechi said as she dragged Obi to his feet.
The children entered Sule’s workshop to pick up their trap, cutlasses and other tools. They were heading to the forest when Sule came out of the hut.
Holding his two ears, “Don’t go too deep into the forest my children”, Sule said.
“Yes papa”, they all answered.

They all entered the forest and started walking along the bush paths until they reached a distance not too deep in the forest.
They headed for the bottom of an orange tree from where they started the setting of the traps.
Obi, Chika and Ifeanyi picked up the bigger traps while Nkechi, Ada and Anayo picked up the smaller ones as usual.
“Where are the strings?” Nkechi yelled.
“Check the bags very well” Ifeanyi replied.
Ada joined Nkechi in turning the whole contents of the bag on the ground but still couldn’t find the strings which they always used in setting the traps for squirrels.
“We can’t find them anywhere”, Ada yelled.
Just then, Anayo stood up. “I think we left them behind the stool in Papa Sule’s place”, he said convincingly.
“Okay then, let’s forget about them today and use the other traps we have for today”, Obi said.
“No, we can’t just go back home today without squirrels”, Anayo said angrily.
“Then what do you want us to do about that?” Ifeanyi asked.
“Don’t worry; I’ll quickly rush back to Sule’s place to get them “, Anayo said confidently.
“Come on, it’s not advisable to walk in the woods alone”, Chika said worried.
“Don’t go back alone”, Ada said almost in tears.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine; I’m used to the forest already”, He said as he picked up his cutlass and catapult and started heading back to Sule’s place.
The others just stood with worries and fear as they watched him left.

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